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Dead Man's Party

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Dead Crappy Episode

Buffy's walking in an alley when she hears a noise. Rounding a corner, she sees a man in a black jacket walking away from her. She approaches him, but loudly steps on a can. He whirls, and it's Xander, brandishing a stake and wearing a very oversized cross. In the same motion, he attempts to stake her, but she's prepared and deftly blocks the attack. She cracks a joke, but he's absolutely floored to see her. As he regains his composure, he smiles, and is about to say something when a vamp busts out of a nearby crate and attacks them. Buffy is getting the upper hand when she's distracted by Cordelia's voice coming from a walkie-talkie on Xander's belt. Buffy, in disbelief, repeats what Cordy called him: "Night Hawk?" Hee. This gives the vamp a chance to recover. He drops Xander and is wrestling with Buffy when the other teens come running up. Willow and Cordy attempt to hold the vamp while Oz presumably tries to stake it. The direction in this scene seems a little off, however, as Oz basically stands there while the vamp kicks him to the ground and then sends Willow to join him. Cordy goes flying into Buffy, and in a normal, bright voice says hello. Buffy throws her to the ground. Hee. It was for her own safety, as the vamp was rushing them, but it was still funny. Buffy dusts the vamp and turns to face her friends. She half-cheerily says, "Hey guys!" as they look on inscrutably. Credits.

The gang is outside Giles's apartment. Buffy hems and haws, but finally knocks. Giles opens the door, and fixes Buffy with a long look. Buffy clearly doesn't know what to say, but Xander saves her: "Check it out -- the Watcher's back on the clock. And just when you were thinking career change, maybe becoming a looker, or a seer." Aw. Giles shushes Xander and welcomes Buffy home. Cut to everyone sitting in Giles's living room. Giles goes to the kitchen for a fresh pot of tea. Oz informs Buffy that she's no longer wanted for murder. Xander asks, "So, where were you? Belgium?" Buffy: "Why would I go to Belgium?" Xander: "I think the relevant question is why wouldn't you?" He chuckles, and repeats "Belgium" in a funny voice. Again, aw. Xander is being so cute here that I can't believe what an ass he's going to be later in the episode. Cut to Giles in the kitchen, the kids talking in the background. His face breaks, and ASH does a great job of letting happiness, relief, and sadness simultaneously wash over his face. He manages to recover, and rejoins the others. Cordy and Xander want to know about Buffy's summer, but Giles calls them off. Incidentally, when Giles puts down the tea, there's a nice shot of Oz, Willow, Buffy, and Xander all sitting side by side on the couch (shout-out?), perhaps signifying their unreadiness to face each other. Or whatever, to quote Sharon Cherski. Willow seems particularly discomfited, as she hasn't yet said a word in this scene. Buffy finally asks Willow to go shopping with her the following day. Willow is less than enthused, but assents. Buffy seems not to be clued in to Willow's mood, which is a consistent theme in later episodes, especially in Season Four, as Ace and Sep have pointed out. Giles mentions Buffy's expulsion, and Buffy exposits that she and Joyce have a meeting with "His Ugliness" the next day.

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