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Dead Man's Party

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Dead Crappy Episode

Buffy is setting the table. Her hair is up and she's clad in a hideous pink dress. She's the hideous clothing drawing winner this week. The doorbell rings, and Buffy opens the door to find Pat. She says Joyce told her there was room for one more. One, a hundred, what's the difference. She annoys Buffy, and me, until Buffy asks if Pat wants to see Joyce. Upon hearing an affirmative, she quickly yells, "MOOOM!" Hee. Joyce greets Pat, and they go into the dining room. Another ring, and it's Devon and the Dingoes, sans Oz. He asks where they should set up. This is so stupid.

The band plays. Buffy sticks out like a sore thumb. Couldn't she have changed her outfit? Not only is it awful, but she's way overdressed. I get that it's supposed to signify how out-of-place she feels. You know what else would do that? Good acting. Give SMG a little credit. Good writing would help too, but that's too much to ask in this episode. Buffy finds Willow. They chat, but when Buffy tries to express a desire for a more intimate conversation, Willow pretends she can't hear her because of the band. Again, nice. Sometimes I can't even believe these two are friends. Buffy starts to leave, but reconsiders and gestures to Willow to follow her so they can talk. Willow pulls a face, and man, I hate her this episode. Sars, I think you hate her, period. Am I right? ["I am not a fan of the Rosenberg, no." -- Sars] Buffy asks Willow if everything is okay. Willow says that it is, and everyone from Buffy to my dead grandmother knows she's lying. Willow hightails it out of there. Bitch. Buffy looks sad.

The Evil Death Mask starts a-humming. The dead start rising everywhere. Why did it only raise a cat the previous night, and half the corpses in Sunnydale tonight? Don't ask me, I just work here. The lack of attention to detail in this episode is shocking.

Party. Xander and Cordelia mack inappropriately. Buffy tries to avoid them, but Xander sees her. They chat, but they're pretty much ignoring Buffy and doing the couple-y thing. Cordy mentions the Night Hawk nickname. More on that later. All Buffy's friends are doing an incredible job of making her feel like a stranger in her own house. Buffy overhears some jerk telling another jerk that the party is for "some chick that just got out of rehab." Cut to Joyce and Pat in the kitchen, getting lit. The coup de grace comes when Buffy overhears part of their conversation: "Having Buffy home, I thought it was going to make it all better, but in some ways, it's worse." Ouch and double ouch. That was a little out of context, but still. Buffy goes up to her room and starts packing. Meanwhile, lots of zombies approach the house.

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