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Dead Man's Party

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Dead Crappy Episode

A 1-800-COLLECT commercial without Carrot Top. I miss those days.

Giles finally reads the page he missed earlier. He tries to call chez Summers, but Jerk #1 answers, and basically hangs up on him, calling him "Mr. Belvedere." How eighties. Willow finds Buffy packing and starts bitching her out. The ensuing conversation is pretty heartfelt, and Willow was probably coming to try to talk things out with Buffy, but I really don't care, as I am already so over Willow for this episode. Buffy: "You guys were doing fine without me." Willow: "We were doing the best we could! It's not like we had a lot of choice in the matter." Buffy: "Sorry that I had to leave. But you don't know what I was going through." Willow: "But I'd like to." Buffy: "You wouldn't understand." Okay, let's take a break. Why wouldn't she understand? She's supposed to be your best friend! And Willow, here's a quarter. Buy yourself a clue. What the hell do you think happened with Buffy and Angel? Willow whinges that she didn't have anyone to talk to about "scary life stuff" like dating and magic, and that Buffy "[was her] best friend." Past tense, Willow? It's not like people are lining up for the job. Buffy looks like she's about to lose it.

Giles, driving. He says to himself in a high voice, "Do you like my mask? Isn't it pretty? It raises the dead!" Then he mutters, "Americans." Hee. Since I'm moving to England soon, I'll be getting an awful lot of that, I'm sure. His attention momentarily distracted, Giles hits someone, gets out of the car to help, and discovers it's a zombie. He manages to get back in, but loses his keys in the process. He escapes by hotwiring the car. I'll give credit where it's due -- that's a nice testament to Giles' rebellious hoodlum years, echoed later in "Gingerbread." You may not have noticed, but I also give criticism where it's due. Oh, and lest you think I missed a cut, I combined two scenes into one in this paragraph, because this recap is already longer than the shooting script of Dune.

Willow's still lecturing Buffy when Joyce walks in, sees the bag, and freaks. Buffy can't take her attack and runs downstairs, but Joyce grabs her in front of everyone. The band considerately stops playing, and everyone (I assume these people came to see Dingoes, because otherwise it makes no sense that they're there) watches as Joyce bitches Buffy out. Buffy counters with the fact that Joyce told Buffy not to come back at the end of "Becoming," but denies that she was trying to punish Joyce by running away. Xander butts in at this point, and acts like such a self-righteous dickhead I try to strangle him through the TV. Buffy asks if anyone else wants a go at her, focusing on "you by the dip." Hi, Jonathan! And no, he's not standing next to Cordelia. Xander continues the attack: "Most girls don't hop a Greyhound over boy troubles." Oh, man. What an ass. Okay: One, I don't think you know jack about what "most girls" do. Two, Buffy is clearly not "most girls." And three, again, what the hell do you think happened? She. Killed. Angel. Yeah, they don't know about the soul thing yet, but still. Sheesh. Cordelia shows more humanity than anyone else in this episode except Giles by trying to defend Buffy, but she does so without much tact. And by the way, they're talking about Angel and demons in front of a room full of civilians.

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