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Dead Man's Party

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Couch Baron: D+ | 8 USERS: C-
Dead Crappy Episode

Giles comes in to see Snyder and threatens to go to the state Supreme Court on Buffy's behalf. Snyder says he's not convinced and turns to leave, but Giles grabs him by the neck and says with a broad smile, "Would you like me to convince you?" That'd be a yes. ["Swoon." -- Sars, who thinks she probably speaks for Ace there too]

Buffy and Willow in an open-air coffee house. Buffy apologizes for not being around the past couple of months. Willow says several mature things until Buffy cuts her off: "You're really enjoying this moral superiority thing, aren't you?" Willow: "It's like a drug!" Okay, I guess I'm a tiny bit glad she's not dead. Sars, I bet you're not convinced. ["Given what's 'like a drug' to Willow in Season Six...no." -- Sars] Willow says she'll stop giving Buffy a hard time, then teases, "Runaway." Buffy: "Will!" They go back and forth as the credits roll: "Quitter." "Whiner." "Bailer." "Harpy." "Delinquent." "Tramp." "Bad seed." "Witch." "Freak!"

Yeah, this episode bit, but next time: Faith.

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