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Nighttime. A Bringer zips along through the woods. Faith and Angry Arms Buffy follow him at a distance. Faith wonders how the Bringers navigate without eyes, and wants to know if the they just "roam free around town." Why, yes, they do. They're free-range Bringers. Organically grown right here in Sunnydale. Buffy again gets all defensive about whether she's walking into a trap, but Faith says she supports her in taking direct action. Well, of course she does; she hasn't changed that much. Buffy doesn't relinquish her Angry Arms or her lemon-sucking face as Faith commiserates with her about trying to turn the Junior Misses into an army. Faith is chatting happily about helping to train the girls when Buffy turns to her and snaps, "Why did you come back?" Uh, to help you, Little Miss Ingrate? I'm sorry that Faith's presence is threatening your Spike-is-my-strongest-warrior shtick ["or, more accurately, your status as the Slayer Spike's most attracted to, Bony Maroney" -- Sars], but perhaps you could put that aside in favor of, I dunno, saving the world? Faith says she came because Willow said they needed help. She then starts to get angry, but takes a deep breath and asks if Buffy would rather she leave town. Buffy's all, "That's not what I meant," and thanks Faith for being there, but doesn't explain what she did mean by being so snappity.

They continue walking, and Buffy keeps her Angry Arms firmly locked into position as she asks about Faith helping Angel. Faith tells Buffy that Angel said hello, and then explains about her trying times inside Angel's head. Well, at least there's a lot of room to stretch your legs in there. Before Buffy can get her snot on about Faith spending time with her other vampire ex-boyfriend, they come upon a building in the woods. "What is this place?" asks Faith, and I giggle, "It's the farm for the free-range Bringers, obviously." Locally grown, like I told you. A few Bringers enter the building. Faith and Buffy leave to fetch the troops. That's all the recon they're going to do? No peeping in the windows or looking for floor plans? No trying to have Willow cast a spell that allows her to view the inside of the building or sense booby-traps? I don't necessarily disagree with Buffy's decision to take action (mostly because I'm so very sick of watching them sit around in the living room) but she really, really should've been better prepared. Any plan that allowed her to fight on familiar ground, rather than strange, would've been a good start.

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