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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Aw, Xander's speech. This is rough. Also, the foreshadowing is painful. Xander is in the living room passing out weapons to Rona, Molly, and the other girls as he reviews of different attack methods depending on their assailant. He mentions striking the chest and throat for vampires, and the stomach, chest, and face for Bringers. Rona asks about other supernatural attackers, and Xander recommends, "Go for the center. Brain, heart, eyes. Everything's got eyes." I would make an anvil joke here, but I'm just too sad. Then there's some Godzilla fan-boy jokes involving Andrew and Xander, but I don't have the patience. As they quibble, Rona sourly interjects, "You people are even crazier than her!" She means Buffy, of course, taking all of them "right into the bad guy's lair." Rona and her bad attitude are kind of refreshing. Xander reminds her that you generally find the bad guys in their lairs, and that she didn't come to Sunnydale "to help fight plaque." Rona quite rightly points out that she came for protection, and says Buffy "doesn't care how many of [them] she puts in danger." This causes Xander to get into speechifyin' mode. He tells the room that he's seen Buffy "stop everything that's ever come up against her." He reminds them that Buffy has died twice to protect "the people around her" and yet is still standing. Around this point, Buffy and Faith enter through the front door, and on a sound studio far, far away from other actors, Buffy's eyes vaguely try to glisten as she listens to Xander say, "I've seen her heart, and this time not literally, and I'm telling you that she cares more about your lives than you'll ever know. You gotta trust her. She's earned it." Andrew sheds a single tear. I roll both eyes and wonder why Xander is still living in Season Four. Faith punctures the mood by turning to Buffy and teasing, "Damn! I never knew you were that cool." Buffy teases back, "Well, you always were a little slow." And she's not doing the Angry Arms, so she's a bit more likeable. Buffy tells everyone to "saddle up."

The group of warriors approaches The Free-Range Bringer Farm and Sunnydale Winery complex. They don't seem to have run into a single guard or sentry outside. Wouldn't that seem to indicate a…trap? Especially since Buffy and Faith saw Bringers wandering around outside earlier? Buffy breaks the gang into two teams -- one will stay outside, secure the perimeter, and come to the aid of the other team should they need it. The signal for help will be "lots and lots of yelling." Wow, that's a lame signal. Wouldn't a nice walkie-talkie be better? Or telepathic Willow, perhaps? Buffy, Spike, Molly, Kennedy, and some random Junior Misses end up walking down into the wine cellar. Kennedy suggests they've found an "evil vineyard." "Like Falcon Crest," muses Spike, whom I still don't hate. This episode. They wander among the casks, looking for Bringers, and are of course attacked forthwith. Hmm, I just had a thought. Buffy should've simply burned the building down as soon as she found it. Kill some Bringers and possibly kill their leader, and destroy their headquarters. What's not to love about that plan? Plus, she could've used a flamethrower, and I am firmly of the opinion that this show features far too few flamethrowers.

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