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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Anyway, Buffy and her little warriors fight Bringers. The wine cellar set is dark and kinda confusing, so I'm not sure of the details, but it looks like the Junior Misses are doing okay defensively, but not scoring many kills. Then the Bringers retreat and Preacher Maleficent strides in, hands clasped behind his back. I'm afraid we're in for a good talkin' to. Maleficent begins, "You girls are just burning with righteousness, aren't you?" Oh, that's just Buffy. The light of her righteousness could replace the sun. The rest of them, not so much. Padre Maleficent stalks up to Buffy, who tells him to save the sermon. "I heard you have something of mine," she tells him, and he just grins and gestures at the Junior Misses, saying, "I do now!" Oops! As Padre Maladjusted blathers about Shannon dirtying up his truck with her blood, Buffy's face crumples as she realizes that she has indeed led her troops into a trap. And for nothing. Ouch. Padre Maladjusted is excited to be in front the THE Slayer and her "notion of goodness." He notes that THE Slayer must be very powerful, and then punches her so hard in the face that she flies across the room and smashes into the ground and then the wall. Interesting stunt work there, since she flies sideways. I can't believe that Buffy just stood there for that, and that Spike let her. I'm also curious as to how Padre Maladjusted got so damn strong. With a devilish grin, the Padre asks, "So, what else you got?" I'm thinking that right about now is when those walkie-talkies would come in handy.

Spike vamps out and attacks Father Malefic, but gets a head-butt and tossed right though a huge wine cask for his troubles. A torrent of delicious wine-cooler-type beverage spills across the cellar floor. Father Malefic and his boys set to work on the Junior Misses. Kennedy gets knocked down, and Rona gets her arm snapped by Father Mal. A Bringer is about to stab her when he's stopped by an arrow through his wrist. It's Faith and Xander with the rest of the "back-up." More fighting. Faith comes at Father Mal with a knife in each hand, but he disarms her, while describing her as "the Cain to [Buffy's] Abel." Xander fights his way over to check on Buffy, still passed out in a corner. Damn, Father Mal is a talky villain. He tells Faith (as he kicks her ass) that he finds the Bible too complicated. His personal religious theories boil down to: "Good folk, bad folk. Clean folk, dirty folk." He snaps the neck of a Junior Miss we don't know. When Molly notices and cries out, "No!" he simply responds, "Yes," and advances on her. Xander has managed to rouse Buffy, who tells him to organize a retreat. I hope they left some troops guarding the stairs. Girls fight all over the cellar and aren't doing so well as Father Mal grabs Molly by the throat and sticks her in the gut. He seems to enjoy this all very much, and isn't a bit threatened by Buffy and her forces. Buffy sees Molly die and runs over to fight the Father. She manages to lay some good punches on him; however, Spike grabs her arm and drags her away because the rest are leaving. Xander helps Kennedy up and is shouting for the rest to retreat when he's grabbed by Father Malevolence. Oh, man. Here it comes. Father Malevolence identifies Xander as the one who "sees everything," and raises his hand. Xander trembles in fear -- it's very affecting physical acting. SMG should take lessons. And then Father Mal says, "Let's see what we can't do about that," and drives his thumb right into Xander left eye. And then there's a horrible mashing noise and blood streaming down Xander's cheek and poor Xander screaming. Spike notices and punches Father Malevolence away; Buffy runs to Xander, and she and Spike help him out of the basement. Why couldn't it have been Buffy who lost an eye? It might be the only way to cut down on her endless navel-gazing. Father Malevolence smiles in satisfaction.

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