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Dirty Girls

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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Sunnydale. Night. Father Malevolence voice-over. He sure got a lot of monologues in this episode. He's going to tell us a little story, one with a happy ending. We see Buffy at the hospital. There are many beds containing her wounded troops. She walks past Rona, her arm in a cast; Rona shoots a side-eye at Buffy. Buffy stops to stare at Xander. Willow sits next to him and holds his hand. I certainly hope that from here on out, everyone around Xander remembers to refrain from using the phrase "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Father Malevolence says his story is about a dirty woman, who could be nothing else but dirty because she was human. We see Buffy walking through the Summers living room. Random girls, and Dawn, stare at her silently, and she continues on. Buffy has the Not-So-Angry Arms of Miserable Defeat as she walks down an empty street. Father Malevolence: "She was filled with darkness and despair. And why? Because she did not know. She could not see. " Father Malevolence is in the cellar with his role-playing buddy, First Evil Buffy. He continues, "She didn't know the good news. The glory that was coming. That'd be you." The First smiles smugly. And the voice-over continues: "For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours. Now and forever. You show up, they'll get in line. Because they followed her and now all they have to do is take one more step." And then he'll kill them all. That's the happy ending. Sad Buffy walks alone. Happy Easter, guys!

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