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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

As he gathers J. Sweet 'n' Lo and Colleen into his arms, the door to his bedroom pops open and swelling romantic music plays as we see that the living room is full of Junior Misses, clad only in undies and matching bras or tanks, having a full-scale pillow fight. And I was pretty much okay with this scene up until this point. After looking at the episode as a whole, with its themes of "seeing" and voyeurism, as well as fantasy and objectification, I can see what the writer was doing with the J. Sweet 'n' Lo and Colleen scene, although I don't think it helped us learn anything new about Xander. The bikini pillow-fight was just gratuitous, though. Did the writers decide to compile a final episodes wish list of things they always wanted to do on Buffy but never got the chance to? If so, who do you think contributed "bikini pillow-fight" to the list? Xander is awoken (or interrupted from his fantasizing) by Rona shouting his name. I note that he has both arms under the covers here. As he blinks and stutters, Rona tells him, "Dominique has the stomach flu and the toilet bowl is backed up." Xander tells the girls he'll be out in a minute, lamely saying he has a "leg cramp." Yeah, a third leg cramp. Yes, there's fantasy and there's reality, and a good man can separate the two. I already learned that about Xander in "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered."

Willow and Faith are at the hospital. Faith isn't much impressed by Shannon, who doesn't look like Slayer material to her. Willow assumes Shannon is a potential Slayer because of…what exactly? The stabbing? Huh. Anyway, Willow tells Faith they'll know more when Shannon wakes up. Faith thinks for a moment, and then says she thought she "might get a heads-up" if there were a worldwide force trying to eliminate Slayers. She chuckles, but seems seriously upset underneath as she makes a little reference to Buffy being "the true Slayer." And she should be upset -- I can't think of a good reason the Scoobies didn't warn her. Willow says they "figured" Faith would be safe in prison. No, I said a good reason, Willow. Faith quite rightly points out how stupid that sounds. And she mentions kittens, which always makes a scene gold for me. I dearly love the kittens. Willow tries to apologize…or something less useful, but Faith brushes her off, saying, "It's cool. I get by." Ouch. Faith wants to go inform Buffy about the stabbed girl; Willow, while she wants to stay at the hospital, is concerned that Buffy and Faith "alone" might not be the best thing. Why? Will it trigger more Xanderian girl-on-girl fantasy sequences? Faith reassures Willow that she and Buffy will "get along just fine." Yeah, baby. They'll get along just fine. Does anyone hear that wah-wah guitar playing?

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