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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Another girl runs. And it's a cemetery this time, kids! Gotta love consistency. Someone, who is quite obviously Spike, chases the girl and then punches her in the head. Not sure why they tried to hide him, but gave us a lengthy shot of the duster which gave it away. Whatever. Spike leans over to grab the girl, but before he can, Faith gets a hold of him and tosses him into a large grave marker. He gets up, and she punches him a few more times, but stops in curiosity as he muses, "Let me guess -- leather pants, nice right cross, doe eyes, holier-than-thou glower -- you must be Faith." Faith's all happy to be famous, and says she's met Spike before. As he tries to explain that he's not evil she kicks him in the crotch. He protests that he's on her side, and she shoots back that she's "reformed." "So have I! I reformed way before you did," is Spike's rejoinder. Uh, no. You didn't. You were still Adam's butt-monkey, Yoko-ing the Scoobies, when Faith decided to take her little time-out in prison. More fighting and protesting between Faith and Spike when Buffy enters the scene and, with a punch, drops Faith faster than FOX drops a failed sci-fi/Western series. Simpering, Buffy gloats, "Sorry, Faith! I didn't realize that was you." Sucky bitch. If that's the way she treats all the warriors who show up to help out, it's no wonder her forces have dwindled down to only Spike. Warriors for good all over the country are probably avoiding Buffy's calls and deleting her emails, muttering to themselves about letting California sink into the ocean before they'll work for an assface like that Summers girl. Oh, who am I kidding? Buffy hasn't asked anyone for help. Because she sucks. Faith caresses her jaw and gets in a dig about Buffy's ineffective punching before wondering why Buffy's protecting vampires. "Are you the bad Slayer now?" she asks. And then, excited, "Am I the good Slayer now?" Hee. "He's with me" is Buffy's (as usual) ambiguous and uninformative answer. No, please! No, please tell me that "he has a SO-oooooul now," isn't coming next. I don't think I can't take it. SHIT! She said it. Grumble. So glad there are only four more episodes of this show, because I cannot STAND to hear that line again. Faith asks if Spike is "like Angel," which gets Spike's hackles up, because y'know, they might have similar taste in women, but they're nothing alike. Nothing! Buffy, her snotty arms snottily crossed, snots, "He fights on my side. Which is more than I can say for some of us." Ugh. She's awful. She has to know that Faith was helping out in L.A., right? Faith protests that Spike was chasing an innocent girl earlier, but she's mistaken, as the girl turns out to be a vampire. Faith and the vampire girl fight as Spike wracks his brains for a comeback to the Angel thing and Buffy rolls her eyes and emits bitch-rays. After Faith finishes off the vampire, Buffy says, "It's nice to have you back." If interpreting that as totally insincere is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Buffy, Faith, and Spike enter the Summers house. The very fact that Faith has thus far resisted beating Buffy silly and dumping her into an empty grave says a lot to me about Faith's personal growth. I'm not sure I would've been so restrained in her place. Dawn and Giles make with the unfriendly non-welcomes. Yeah, like you both don't suck so much these days. You should be on your knees begging Faith for personality infusions -- at least she still has one. Faith deals with the icy welcome by joking around and admiring how much Dawn has grown. Dawn shoots tiny hate-daggers with her eyes. When Giles tells Buffy that Willow will call as soon as Shannon wakes up, Buffy snits out, "Fine," and stomps off with a hair flip. Giles crinkles his brow and then wanders off, Dawn in tow, to find a place for Faith to sleep. Maybe Faith can take Anya's bed since Anya appears to have vanished for this episode. After Dawn and Giles leave, Spike informs Faith that "not all that tension was about [her]" -- Buffy's still pissy about Giles setting Spike up to die. Faith quips. We expect nothing less of her.

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