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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Well, it would seem Andrew is at it again. Storytelling, that is. Over a montage of clips from Faith's Buffy appearances, Andrew uses his professor voice to explain Faith to all the viewers who haven't managed to catch Buffy Season Three, Buffy Season Four, Angel Season One, Angel Season Four, or read any recaps, transcripts, or episode summaries. That's right -- a Faith montage aimed at one viewer, Helen Munce, of Battle Creek, MI, who just tuned in to Buffy four episodes ago. Everyone wave hello to Helen! She's utterly baffled by the show, but now knows two things for sure: who Faith is, and that Spike has a SO-oooooul now. She's hanging in there, though, because she started watching in hopes of seeing some kinky vampire sex and she's not giving up until there's some undead boot-knocking. Which is a roundabout way to say that this montage smacks of unnecessary exposition. I have grown utterly weary of how Buffy treats the audience like they're a bunch of five-year-olds on an extreme sugar bender. It's especially obvious in this case when you compare how Faith was reintroduced on Angel this season. On Angel: "Here's Faith -- she was evil and in jail but we need her now." That was it -- no minute-long montage needed. And who the hell is Andrew to be delivering this montage? It's not like he was there to see these things happen, and yet he has access to all the original footage. It's a flawed narrative structure. I must admit to being very amused by the end of the montage, though, which features new footage of Faith fighting a member of "the most pacifist and logical of races," a Vulcan. Yes, I found this laugh-out-loud funny. I'm not proud, but I'll take my chuckles where I can get them this season. And since Andrew made that up, it makes sense that he could provide the imagery we're seeing, whereas it didn't make sense for him to provide the imagery of the things he didn't see. Faith belts the crap out of a guy in a blue velour shirt and Spock wig as dramatic 1960s TV music plays.

Millie interrupts Andrew with, "What the hell are you talking about?" and we see Andrew in the kitchen, acting out Faith's moves on Rona. A bunch of Junior Misses are gathered around, listening to him. Andrew chuckles nervously as Millie continues, "I thought Faith killed a volcanologist." Hee! Geology humor. You'd think I'd get my fill at work. Andrew asks why Millie thinks Faith would killed a person "who studies Vulcans." Kennedy rolls her eyes. Oh, like Kennedy has any idea what a volcanologist is. Millie explains that Faith killed a professor who studied volcanoes. And that concludes the Earth science portion of today's lesson. Andrew takes moment to regroup and then tells the Junior Misses, "There are things that you need to know about. Faith has a history not to be taken lightly." That sentence has a structure not to be taken seriously. We see Faith practicing kicks in the back yard. The bushes behind her seem to be shaking a little. Hmm -- could that be where Giles and Anya are spending their time these days? Andrew continues, very solemnly, "She's a killer. Never forget that." Could he be talking about himself here? Could I care any less? Chao Ahn contributes, in subtitle-ese, "There's a girl in the backyard doing gymnastics." Andrew nods like he understands. I've thought about that line, but I just don't see where the humor enters in. Faith wasn't doing gymnastics. Oh -- Sep informs me she thought that was a shout-out to Bring It On. Still wasn't funny, though.

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