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Do U think I'm a dirty girl?

Faith's breasts fill up the entire screen as she peeks upstairs and then joins Spike on the bed, telling him she's met him before. He doesn't recall until she explains that she met him while wearing Buffy's body. Faith's breasts heave up into the frame a few times during the following conversation. I guess her amazing thrusting bosom fits into this episode's themes of seeing, and objectification and fantasy, somehow. That, or the director was just jubilant to finally be filming an actress with a nice rack. Spike and Faith reiterate the "warm champagne" dialogue from "Who Are You" and I sigh, because I thought this scene might actually go somewhere other than into the Fanfiction Zone. You see, in the Fanfiction Zone, there's world enough and time to explore all kinds of "what ifs" that are in no way essential to the plot on the show. In the actual Buffy zone, there are only four more episodes, and unless they are planning on pairing up Spike and Faith (which I really doubt), it's a crime to waste precious minutes on clearing up a three-year-old non-issue. I was vaguely interested in Faith and Spike comparing notes on reforming, because that's important now, but this stuff is immaterial. Especially when I don't know how Giles feels about his rift with Buffy or about his calling being blown to tiny pieces, or how Willow is progressing on dealing with her magic and whether she feels she can step up in the final conflict, or how she's progressing with her guilt over killing Warren, or if she feels she's making amends, or how Faith and Xander would be around each other, or how Buffy feels about finding out there are so very many Slayers-in-Waiting, or if she's aware of how cold and cruel she's becoming. Well, at least Spike and Faith are sexy together, and I don't hate Spike at all in this scene. That's something. I guess.

As Faith and Spike joke about Buffy's uptightness, the uptight bitch herself enters the basement. The Angry Arms! The Angry Arms! Buffy says it's "nice" to see Spike and Faith getting along, but of course doesn't mean a word of it. Spike looks guilty and shifts away from Faith a little. Oh, Jesus, man. Too bad you didn't get your balls back as a gift-with-purchase from the soul-granting demon. Spike asks why Buffy isn't at work, and she lies, saying she cut back on her hours. "Figured I'd be better off focusing on what's going on around here." Dawn calls down the stairs, saying the hospitalized girl has woken up.

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