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Buffy runs in the night. A flesh-colored latex-y demon catches up to her when she trips, but it's really just a clever feint. She stabs the first demon while his friend runs away. Not so much in a menacing "terror of the night" way, but more as if he had suddenly realized that his species of demon wears clothing but he had forgotten his pants. Very unthreatening. Close-up on Buffy's hand, where some silvery demo goo soaks into her skin. Sheesh. I almost had a Roswell moment there. But it's okay. It's over. I will persevere.

Next morning at the library, Buffy fills Willow in on last night's slayage as they make their way to the seats. Willow expresses disquiet with the "no mouth thing," and I guess that means she's not a big Hello Kitty fan. Giles greets the rest of the gang (minus Faith) and prepares to give everyone the highlights of his Ascension research. He mentions, "It is not the ritual flaying of the demon Azorath," and then trails off, admitting that he really has no clue what's going to happen. Buffy scratches her hand pointedly. Because it's itchy. From the demon goo. Wesley scurries in and asks Giles what he was talking about. When he hears it's the Ascension, Wesley snips, "And what took up the rest of the minute?" Giles gathers his breath and sighs out a "touché." Then he says that he's sure Wesley will have much more to add, what with his access to the CoW's resources and all. Wesley draws himself up to his full height and begins, "Azorath." See? Ya'll thought that Giles was just gonna take Wesley's shit, but he masterfully lured him into his web of fool-making. At the mention of Azorath, the gang up and files out. In the background, Willow and Oz have a little hand-play. And if I were playing opposite Seth Green as my boyfriend, I would constantly be trying to talk him into stuff like that to add a touch of realism: "Seth, don't you think we should be making out in this scene? Because even though in real life we are both closer to being middle-aged than being teenagers, the characters we're playing are teens and there's nothing that revs up a teenager's already almost out-of-control hormones than talks of spooks, ghouls, and impending doom. So I say you should shove me up against the check-out desk here and lay one on me." Oh, what? Like you wouldn't do the same thing if given half the chance.

In the hallway, Will wants to know if Buffy has spoken with Angel lately. Buffy says that she isn't sure if she wants to see him right now, because it looked as if he were enjoying his tongue-wrestling session with Faith a little too much. Willow reminds her it was "for the greater good," which brings up the question of whether Angel actually slept with Faith or not. At the time, I couldn't believe that she would accept any excuse for him not going All The Way. Now I don't give a damn, because my Care-O-Meter requires at least 50 percent of the participants in any given scene or plot point to actually still be part of the show in order to even get the needle wiggling.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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