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We fall to pieces

Lair of Dim. Jonathan runs back into the room with a fire extinguisher and whines about Warren and Andrew putting out the fire with his blankie.

Willow, tapping and typing, says she might have the signal.

Anya and Spike, doing more drinking and complaining about their humanity and chip, respectively. They both claim they were going to just "use" their partners, but then get soppy. "She was so raw. Never felt anything like it," muses Spike, which just gave me a giant "ew" because I could only think how uncomfortable that must have been for Buffy. Somebody should tell her they have creams for that. More commiserating about how they began to care about the other person's opinions and changed to suit them.

Typing. Tapping. Willow says there are "firewalls and booby traps," but assures Buffy and Xander, "Hey, I'm still me." Ego much, Willow? And most fans this season would argue that you are not at all you. Tapping. Typing. Did Hollywood learn nothing from The Net? Willow discovers that there are other cameras.

Spike and Anya. Toasting and drinking. Nothing they did was enough. Spike complains that he saved the Scoobies even though he "can't stand" them, and Anya agrees, "Me either! I hate us." She bitches that they never say what's on their minds, and Spike assures her that she does and that's why she's the only one he wouldn't bite if he had the chance. Sorry, but I don't buy this scene at all. I find it utterly unconvincing. I don't believe these people are drunk, I don't believe that Spike ever thought twice about Anya's personality and whether he would bite her, and I don't believe the very contrived drunken sex that's upcoming. Maybe that's because I was spoiled for this whole scene? Lauding forthright women, Spike slurs, "Drusilla was always straightforward. Didn't have a single buggering clue about what was going on in front of her, but she was straight about it." Is there a difference between being straightforward and simply not having any filter between what goes through your head and comes out of your mouth? Because I'd say Dru was suffering more from the latter condition. Spike accuses the Scoobies of being "uptight and repressed," and adds that the gang couldn't deal with him and Anya because "we should have been dead hundreds of years ago and we're the only ones who are really alive." Spike's alive like the lilies of the field. He toils not nor does he spin. Anya and Spike stare into each other's eyes, and the wretched soundtrack plinks conspiratorially.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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