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Buffy sighs, "Giles, I don't think I can do this." Giles insists that Joyce "dealt with this sort of thing all the time. She took one crisis at a time, without the aid of superpowers, and got through it all. So can [Buffy]." Of course, Joyce also had an income. Just saying. Buffy perks up a little, and then the phone rings. Buffy wonders, "Who's calling me? Everyone I know lives here." Dawn tells Giles that the call is probably from creditors, and asks if they're going to starve. Giles doubts it. Dawn then asks, "No chance I'd have to quit school and work assembling cheap toys in a poorly-ventilated sweatshop?" A shocked Giles asks, "What have you been reading?" How on earth would Dawn hear about sweatshops, after all? Except maybe in school. Why is he so shocked? Buffy strides through the room, and Giles asks what's wrong. She answers, "Angel." Giles asks if Angel is in trouble, and Buffy stammers, "He needs to see me. I have to see him." Giles asks if she's leaving for LA tomorrow, and Buffy reminds Giles about the whole network change and crossover-kibosh. She says that they're getting together "somewhere in the middle. There's a place." Ah. A place. In the middle. Gotcha. Giles claims to understand, which is more than the rest of us can do. Giles suggests that they get the bills taken care of before she leaves, but Buffy says, "I have to go now," and heads out. She stops and thanks Giles for "taking care of this," before scampering upstairs to find something more attractive than the bejeweled tank-top she's wearing. Dawn and Giles just look at each other.

Next week, in a non-spectacular non-crossover non-event, Buffy tries various jobs, but for some reason doesn't think of the obvious career path: professional wrestler.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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