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We come back from commercials as Buffy asks the demon, "Are you in the wrong line? That's for deposits, that's for withdrawals, and this is for getting kicked in the face." She kicks...about an inch. Which is when we finally see that her stupid skirt is a long one without a convenient kick-slit. The demon punches her, and we see a very silly shot of her flying straight up into the air, and then crashing down onto Carl's desk. Hee. I'm gonna watch that again. Snicker. Buffy borrows a letter opener from Carl and cuts her skirt open. That's one ultra-sharp letter opener. With her legs freed, she jumps up and commences to kick some demon ass. Meanwhile, we see gloved hands opening the tellers' drawers and filling bags with money. The demon grabs Buffy around the waist and starts carrying her off when the fight is interrupted by a gunshot. Buffy and the demon look up to see a guard aiming a gun at them. The guard orders the demon to let Buffy go. Instead, the demon tosses Buffy into the guard. While the demon tussles with some other innocent bystanders, Buffy pauses to deliver an important lesson to the guard. She holds the gun and says, "These things? Never helpful!" She tosses it away, and we hear another gunshot. We don't see if anyone was hit and injured by the humorous misfire. Ah, comedy. By the time Buffy gets up, the demon has escaped out the door. No sense chasing it or anything, of course. Not when it's got an insurmountable five-second head start. Instead, she returns to Carl's desk and says, "Now, about my loan...I'm not saying [that] I'm charging you for saving your life or anything, but let's talk rates." Carl stares at her.

In the back room of Der Zauber Kasten, Willow exclaims, "He still turned you down? That's crazy!" Buffy is working out with the punching bag while Willow blathers on. She admits that the bank was robbed, but insists that Buffy deserves a reward. Buffy goes on punching, and Willow eventually perks up and says, "You're mad!" Buffy says it'll pass, but Willow insists that Buffy should feel angry. Buffy says that's good, but she stops punching and admits, "It's gone now." Willow then attempts to make Buffy mad again, first by claiming that she slept with Riley last semester. Buffy frowns and says, "And you know, I really doubt it." Willow admits that she was lying "to cover up [her] sleazy affair with Angel." Willow? I think Buffy has enough real reasons to feel angry and frustrated, so maybe you could just bring those up if you actually think it would be useful, instead of inventing stupid stories to make her angry. Unless this is a clever ploy, and the real idea is that Buffy will be enraged when she realizes how dumb her friends are? Buffy asks why Willow is trying to piss her off. Willow explains, "Since you've been back, you haven't exactly been big with the whole range of human emotions thing." Buffy innocently asks what Willow means, and Willow backs off and tells Buffy to forget she mentioned it. Buffy goes back to punching.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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