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All wet

The demon walks along the street, all growly. That was sure an interesting scene.

Giles and Buffy have retired to the training room to chat. She asks how England was. Giles says he met with the Council of Watchers, and says, "Otherwise, there's nothing really to report. I keep a flat in Bath." And a bath in his flat! Ha! Sorry. He continues, "Met with a few old friends and almost made a new one, which I think is statistically impossible for a man of my age." Giles, I'll be your friend. Buffy needlessly observes that Giles is back now, and off of his unenthusiastic agreement, she asks, "Are you miserable about it, or just really British?" Giles admits that it was difficult to leave, "And coming back is --" Buffy interrupts, "I'm guessing the word is 'inconvenient.'" Giles says no, "Bewildering." He rests a hand on her bony shoulder, risking a nasty puncture, and asks how she is. Buffy says, "Sleeping's hard, but just because of that whole waking up in a box thing. So maybe it's waking up that's the problem. But only just for a second. I sleep okay. Great even, except, you know, for the dreams." For some reason, Giles doesn't find that terribly reassuring. He tells Buffy that he's proud of how she's holding up "under extreme circumstances." Buffy pointedly notes, "Willow brought me back. I just lay there." Giles tries to rephrase things, and Buffy says it was "just a little post-post-mortem comedy." She stands and says she should prepare for more slayage, and Giles slowly exits.

Upon returning to the front room, Anya rushes up to Giles and hugs him, exclaiming, "We missed you! You can't have the store back!" I used to try and figure out if any of the writers really thought we still found the materialistic-Anya gags to be funny. Eventually I decided that figuring out algorithms was more entertaining. Giles pushes Anya away and asks if there's any information about the demon. Willow announces that it robs banks, and Dawn hands Giles the book she was looking at. Giles says that the M'Fashnik demon "comes from a long line of mercenary demons, known to perform acts of slaughter and mayhem for the highest bidder." He wonders, "What's out there [that's] powerful enough to control one of these things?"

The M'Fashnik demon knocks over a pile of boxes in a basement. He points a claw at someone and growls, "We had a deal. You got what you wanted; now give me what I want! The head of the Slayer." We see that he's talking to Jonathan, Warren, and a new guy, who are sitting in beanbag chairs in front of a spiffy new television set. I'm gonna call the new guy "Andrew," on the grounds that eventually we'll find out that's his name. Jonathan is holding wads of money. Warren says, "Okay." Jonathan: "Sure!" Andrew: "We can do that."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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