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Fool To Cry

William finds Cecily sitting in another room. She tells him to leave her, but he sits instead, saying the others "are not like you and I." Cecily looks offended and asks him, demanding an answer, if the poetry he writes is about her. William tries to evade the question, but finally hopefully answers, "Every syllable." Cecily exclaims in surprise, and William tells her he loves her. She demands that he stop, but he continues on, fussing with the poem in his hands, "I know I'm a bad poet, but I'm a good man." Aww. Poor sincere guy. He is so going to get shot down. William's teeth are too good to be nineteenth century British. Ha ha -- sorry, cheap shot. Cecily firmly tells him, "You're nothing to me William. You're beneath me." She stands, and there's a very strange shot with her satin-clad stomach taking up most of the foreground. William, left sitting alone on the settle, sniffs and looks devastated.

William rushes through the dark streets of London, sobbing and tearing his poem into little tiny pieces. He bumps into three people whose backs are to the camera, but from the male figure's extremely bad hair and giant hunched shoulders, I know the trio consists of Dru, Angel, and Darla. William sobs that they should look where they're going and continues snittily on. He sits on a hay bale in a dark alley, still ripping at his poem, tears streaking his face. He hears a noise and sees Drusilla in the alley with him. Looking pretty nifty in her period gear and cascade of curls, Drusilla inquires what "catastrophe" brought "this dashing stranger to tears." William sulks that he wants to be alone, but Drusilla advances, saying she seems him as a man surrounded by "fools" who cannot see his strengths. William looks intrigued. Executing a strange jerky belly-rubbing move, Dru continues, "That and burning baby fishes swimming all round your head!" Hee, baby fishes. I like this flashback Dru. William doesn't, however, and backs away, saying she won't get a chance to steal his purse. Dru giggles at that and approaches him, pointing to his heart. "Your wealth lies here," she says, and then strokes his head, "and here. In the spirit, and --" and then I swear to god she backs off a little and stares right at his crotch, a hungry look on her face, finally finishing, "imagination." I always like a guy with a big...imagination too, Dru, so we have that in common. Dru gives him some more crazy flattering talk, which entrances William. He tries to break the spell by muttering, "Mother's expecting me," but Dru just pulls back his shirt collar and loons, "I see what you want. Something glowing and glistening. Something -- effulgent." William smiles slightly, and when Dru asks if he wants it, he replies, "Oh yes. God, yes." She switches into her game face and bites into his neck. William looks blissful, feels the fangs and wimps, "Ow! Ow ow ow!" but then seems to move into a kind of ecstasy as they slide down the wall together.

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