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Fool To Cry

Ace: "I don't know why Buffy was all surprised when Spike tried to kiss her. That's what you do at the end of a date and drinking, dinner, and pool all add up to a date."

Sep: "It totally was a date. My last date ended exactly the same way. Someone threw a wad of cash at someone else, the words, 'You're beneath me' were uttered, and one of us was left crying alone in an alley."

Ace: "You've got to be kidding me."

Sep: "Actually I am. My last date ended with me threatening my beau with a spork."

Spike looks chagrined for a second but then steps forward and grabs Buffy by her arms. He tells her he can feel it, she wants to dance. "Say it's true. Say I do want to," breathes Buffy. Then, throwing him to the ground, she spits, "It wouldn't be you, Spike. It would never be you." She tosses the wad of bills at him and finishes, "You're beneath me," before stalking away. Lying on the ground, his coat slipped down revealing his delicious arms, covered with bills, Spike begins to sniffle and cry. Aww, poor Spike. Things are so not going his way the past few seasons. I get the feeling that if he were a Broward County voter, he'd be one of those poor saps whose vote was invalidated due to a perfidious hanging chad. He frantically grabs up the money and then, choking down his sobs, he taps into his inner demon and sends a most menacing glower after Buffy's back.

Spike's lair. He scrabbles around in a chest as Harmony inquires what he's doing. Spike grabs a shot gun out of the chest and mutters about showing Buffy. He loads the shot gun, snarling, "Hasn't got a death wish? Bitch won't need one."

After commercial, we're still at Spike's pad, where Harmony, looking hot in all black, is trying to convince Spike not to go after Buffy. She reminds him of the chip in his head, but he insists he'll be able to fire the shotgun despite it. He storms out as Harmony shouts after him that he couldn't kill Buffy before he got the chip, despite having plenty of chances.

Spike leaves his crypt, and we hear Dru's voice ask, "Why can't you kill her?" Spike turns around and we're in "South America, 1998." He and Dru bicker about the Slayer; Dru can see her all around Spike and wonder why he won't "push her away." Spike is sad because he feels he did it all for Dru, but she keeps "punishing him" by "carrying on with creatures like this," and behind them we see a slime demon, giant antlers dripping all over his beige suit. Totally laid-back Californian, the slime demon observes that Spike and Dru obviously "have a thing" going on. Hee, I like the slime demon. Spike and Du ignore him, and Dru explains she needs to find her pleasures elsewhere because Spike "taste[s] like ashes." The slime demon protests that he didn't know Dru was seeing anyone and then leaves, blowing her a kiss. Spike and Dru argue some more about how she can see the Slayer all around him.

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