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Fool To Cry

The Summers house. I feel this recap is running very long, so basically Buffy goes to her mother's bedroom, finds her packing, and wants to know why. Joyce explains she's going to the hospital for tests to see what's wrong with her head and has to stay overnight. Buffy is sad.

Buffy exits the back door and, arms wrapped around her, sit on the back porch steps. She rests her head on her knees, sobbing. We see Spike's feet enter the Summers's yard. Spike walks menacingly towards Buffy, who keeps her head on her knees, crying. Spike raises the shot gun and Buffy finally looks at him, asking, "What do you want now?" Spike steels himself to utter some villainous thing, but looking at her tear-streaked face seems to weaken his resolve. They stare at each other and he finally asks, "What's wrong?" Buffy says she doesn't want to discuss it and looks away. Spike finally lowers the gun all the way and stares at Buffy for a good long while. "I-is there something I can do?" he finally asks with a darling little head tilt. Buffy looks confused and Spike, deciding that now is not the time for more chatter, comes to sit next to her. She looks even more confused. Spike reaches out and gives her an awkward series of pats on the back. Buffy thinks, "How weird is my life? How FUCKING WEIRD is my life?" or at least that's my guess. Long shot of the two of them sitting silently side by side. They both heave a huge sigh at the same time.

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