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Get It Done

A black mist rises out of the box. The shaman tells her that it must "become one" with her and will prepare her for her fight with The First. "By making me less human?" Ruh-roh. I see tentacle sex in the future. Buffy screams, which for some reason disrupts the black smoke. It quickly recovers and then attempts to go up her skirt. Ah. The dreaded Martiphor. Could someone please get this woman some rape-crisis counseling? I'm sick and tired of being subjected to week after week of her working out her screwed-up sexual assault issues. What kind of freak is she that she would think it's an okay message to send that Buffy is attracted to the man who tried to rape her? Why does the Slayer's power, arguably the greatest physical power that a female in the Buffyverse can aspire to, have to be rooted in the act of rape? Why? Why must this woman bring the label of rape to everything? If, say, Wood steals a kiss from Buffy, does that mean we're going to be subjected to Marti working out her "mouth rape" issues? Buffy struggles and grunts. "Make this stop," she grits out through clenched teeth. "This is what you came for," says a shaman. Well, now. If that isn't the mystical vision quest way of saying, "You must have wanted it or you wouldn't have come back to my place." Hmm. Is that phrasing right? Is that what a rapist says? I'll have to ask Britboy. He would know, because he's a man, and if there's one thing that Buffy has taught me this season, it's that all men are rapists.

Quick switch to first-person-cam. The camera finds Spike rifling through boxes in what I guess must be the SHS basement. He finds what he's looking for and shakes it out. It's his old coat, which we last saw at Casa Summers. Jump cut to Spike putting it on. When I stop and think about what that coat symbolizes, I can't help but be a little disgusted. Spike might as well be wearing the flayed skin of Wood's mom. "Dramatic" music plays. Spike strides down the halls, coat billowing in his wake. I have to laugh here. He walks past Wood, who is lurking in a doorway. Wood: "Nice coat. Where'd you get it?" Spike: "New York." Wood looks pensive. Seems Wood wants to check out the information the First gave him about Spike killing his mother before he takes any action, which is a prudent course, I think, since The First is, y'know, evil. It makes an interesting parallel to Buffy, who was only too happy to go off and hack Anya to bits earlier this season.

Casa Summers. Willow is chanting in Latin, and boy, does she sound pissed. "Screw it!" she screams. "Mighty forces, I suck at Latin, okay? That's not the issue. I'm the one in charge and I'm telling you, open a portal now!" When that doesn't work, Willow reaches back with CGI-fingers and drains the power she needs from Anya and Kennedy. Is that what the nice witches in the Coven taught you to do, Willow? I don't think so. In any case, the portal opens.

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