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Get It Done

By this time, Buffy has had just about enough. "You think I came all this way to get knocked up by some demon dust?" She realizes that while she can't fight the black smoke, she can kick some shaman ass. She conveniently finds a burst of strength and rips her chains free. She takes on the shamans, avenging "whoever that girl was before she was the First Slayer."

Spike. Spike kicks ass too. He's found the demon and is clearly having quite a fun time whaling on it. He breaks the demon's neck, then lights a match on the felled demon's horn to a backdrop of electric guitar power chords. Yeah. It really is as cheesy as it sounds. I think one of my problems with this season is that I have no trust in the people putting this show together. Am I supposed to like Kennedy, or is my reading of Kennedy as a miserable little suck who needs to be taken down a peg or four the interpretation that the writers wish me to make? Am I supposed to get excited about Spike putting on his Slayer-skin coat and stomping around? Because I find it a little pathetic that his sense of self is tied up in an artifact that so obviously symbolizes a life that Spike has left behind. Should I be getting the message that Spike can't go back anymore, that he can't be that person either, or does ME actually want me to find this sludge empowering?

Back in the cave, Buffy walks up to the main shaman and breaks his staff. Immediately, the black smoke and the other two shamans disappear. "I knew it. It's always the staff," she quips. Did you get that? By breaking the phallic symbol of male oppression, Buffy has broken free from the patriarchy and can now negotiate life on her own terms. Except that Marti is still in charge, so Buffy will have to be content with negotiating life on her own terms while simultaneously being attracted to the guy who tried to rape her. "We offered you power," rationalizes the shaman. Buffy snaps, "Tell me something I don't know." The shaman places his palm against the side of her head. The light gets very bright, and Buffy's eyes grow huge.

Casa Summers. Spike wrestles the demon corpse into the portal, but we can't see it because they already used up the CGI budget for this episode. With a white flash of light, Buffy is back in the living room. Everyone looks very ill at ease as the piano tune of "I hate you all. You used to be my friends but now you suck" tinkles away.

Kennedy is walking slowly down the hallway on her way to bed. Willow trots up the stairs behind her. She wants to know how Kennedy is doing. "After you sucked the life out of me?" clarifies Kennedy archly. Willow thinks that Kennedy needs to know how she is "when [she's] like that," and goes on to explain that Kennedy was the most powerful person in the area, and that's just how both the magic and Willow work. Yep. Willow gloms onto whoever is most willing to shore up her flagging self-esteem. Kennedy brushes Willow off, telling her that they'll see each other in the morning. God, I hope they've broken up.

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