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Get It Done

As Buffy explains all about the potential Slayers getting, uh, slain, she and Wood enter her house. She tells him that the Council of Watchers was destroyed, and although Wood blinks at that, he shows very little reaction for a man raised by a Watcher. Well, perhaps he already knew. Buffy is gesturing around the living room and calling it "Command Central" (as if anyone in her group is in command) when Andrew stalks angrily out of the kitchen, wearing an apron and matched oven mitts. He crosses his arms sulkily and whines, "Where the hell have you been? This funnel cake is kicking my ass!" The Summers kitchen comes equipped with a Presto FryDaddy? Funny, Joyce didn't strike me as a mom who would prepare deep-fried food. Well, maybe they bought it when they picked up the microwave because Molly whined that she couldn't live another day without some fresh fish and chips. (Oh, damn. I just did research and found out you can make funnel cakes in a skillet. But FryDaddy is such an inherently funny term, I don't want to remove that joke, so let's live with it, okay?)

Buffy introduces Andrew to Wood as "our hostage," but Andrew, all oven-mitted air-quotes, says he prefers the term "guestage." Wood is a little surprised that Buffy holds people against their will, so Buffy ends up stuttering that Andrew was evil but "now he bakes." As of this episode. Before, he just whined and annoyed, which wasn't much of a contribution if you ask me. Andrew is resentful that Buffy isn't keeping their "secret headquarters" at all secret, but, uh, Andrew? The First knows exactly where you are and you don't seem have any other enemies this season, so what's the secret? Andrew is worried that strangers will see "the big board," but Buffy reminds him they don't have one. Oops -- she's spoken too soon, because Andrew fetches a white board from behind the sofa on which he's drawn a map of Sunnydale and tracked "various incarnations" of the First Evil. Andrew has a FryDaddy and and white board with a multi-colored set of markers? This is what comes of sending morally ambiguous characters to Wal-Mart with Giles's credit card, isn't it?

Ace: My television is tiny. Does Andrew's drawing of The First really look like Tubey?
Sep: Naah. I think they're supposed to be devil heads, but one of them turned out a little square because of the way the mouth was drawn. I thought it was unlikely that ME was finally taking notice of us.
Ace: And thank fuck for that. I want nothing to do with those people. They suck!

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