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Get It Done

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Get It Done
Sep: Totally. Can someone tell Marti to stop calling me and leaving long, rambling messages about Spike's arc? It's starting to get old.

Buffy and Wood just roll their eyes and push past Andrew on their way to the backyard.

Out on the back porch, Buffy claims, "We do have a lot more working for us than just the 'big board,'" but she's obviously not talking about her skirt. That's not working for her, or me, or anyone. It's black and ruffly, with two tiers. The lower tier has an extremely asymmetrical hemline that leaves one calf bare but covers the other one completely. Wood isn't looking at her skirt, though, because he's just noticed that the back yard is filled with Junior Misses being led through pageant routines by Kennedy, who fancies herself G.I. Jane but comes across a lot more as G.I. Jerk. She's drilling the twenty or so girls in some lame "punch-block combo" which Chloe messes up, presumably because she hasn't been training with everyone because she's been hiding out in the back yard since "Potential." G.I. Jerk snaps that Chloe should "drop and give [her] twenty," and Chloe has no idea what she's talking about because, as we find out later, Winnie the Pooh is more her speed than boot-camp movies. G.I. Jerk clarifies, "Push-ups, maggot!" and Chloe rolls her eyes and begins as the rest of the girls stand by silently.

G.I. Jerk then turns to Buffy and Wood and crows, "I love this job! Did you see that? I called a girl 'maggot.'" I really, really can't wait for Kennedy to get an extremely grisly comeuppance. G.I. Jerk's not done pissing me off, though, because she checks out Wood and demands, "Who the hell are you?" It's Buffy's house, so shut your face, bratling. Buffy and Wood smirk at the stupid little girl who thinks she's cool. Poor Willow -- even in your current incarnation as a boring, mopey man-killer that I don't really have much affection for, you deserve so much better than Kennedy. G.I. Jerk brags that her girls are "ready to kick some ass" because she's playing out her fantasy world of clichés, and Wood reminds her that the First has no "ass you can actually kick." Millie notices that Buffy's guest is the principal and waves to Wood excitedly, so of course G.I. Jerk slaps her down. How much do I want Millie to pound Kennedy's face into the ground the way she purportedly did to the guy that was bullying her?

The Junior Misses go back to drilling as Buffy channels the words in her dream: "It's not enough." Principal Wood tries to reassure her, but Buffy muses, "Some will die and there's nothing I can do to stop it." God, I hope so. Please let one of the dying ones be Kennedy. Willow, carrying an armload of weapons, chooses this moment to come out onto the back porch. She's surprised to see the principal and tries to cover, saying the Junior Misses are training for some school pep rally. Buffy lets her know that Wood is in on everything. There's a brief exchange to inform us that Wood knows Willow does magic, and Willow leaves, saying he's much cooler than Snyder. But so much less funny and useful as an antagonist, sadly. Says Wood incredulously, "She really almost destroyed the world?" and then, "Remind me not to make her crabby." And right now, about fifteen minutes into the episode, Buffy begins to channel either the spirit of the First Bitch or Susan Lucci, which possesses her for the rest of the hour. She complains she only has "fighters with nothing to hit, a Wicca who won't-a, and the brains of [the] operation wears oven mitts." She really thinks Andrew is smarter than all of them, including Giles? Dude. And since every time Willow does-a the big magic she channels pure evil, I'd think Buffy would want to shut the hell up. She sounds so put-upon here, like the limitations of all her (volunteer) friends and support are such a fuckin' inconvenience to her and she'd be better off without them. Wood says he hasn't seen everything Buffy has yet and demands, "Show me the vampire." I'm starting to get a "these aren't the droids you're looking for" vibe off these demands Wood makes to which Buffy so quickly acquiesces.

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