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Get It Done

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Get It Done

Anya and Spike are bickering in the basement; Anya's pissed because Spike was too easy on the demon that attacked her the night before. She's afraid the assassin will just keep coming after her, but Spike defends his "wimpire" running away by saying that he needs to stay alive to keep protecting Anya. Or something. Is that why she's living at Buffy's? We haven't seen Anya under attack by D'Hoffryn's myrmidons since "Him." I'm wondering more and more why the show went so desperately off the rails from episode eight through twelve and who made the decision to try to force it back on track by revisiting themes and plots introduced in the start of the season. Anya rolls her eyes and stomps out past Buffy and Wood, who have come down the stairs.

Buffy explains to Spike that she's showing Wood the whole Slayer operation, and Spike says he's glad that they have another "good guy" joining the fight. Wood challenges Spike, "Is that what you are? A good guy?" and Spike's hackles rise a little. He says he "hasn't heard any complaints," but then admits that he has in the past; he just killed the complainers. Buffy tries to smooth things over, saying that Spike was joking, but both Spike and Wood know he wasn't. Spike clarifies that Coca-Cola Classic Spike did that. New Coke Spike is the useful guy who gets drunk and falls down. Aw, not really. New Coke Spike is the guy with the "big deal" soul which he then claims is private. He wants to know if Buffy is telling everyone about it now. Um, maybe just the people she thinks might stake you otherwise? Shut your ungrateful piehole, Spike. Tiny Good-Now Spike and Much Much Larger Ambiguous Wood stand toe-to-toe and bandy about tension-filled soul-related blather. Wood asks Spike where he was before he came to Sunnydale, but doesn't get an enlightening answer. Buffy finally tires of standing dumbly by and herds Wood back upstairs; Spike lashes out at Buffy with a sexual slur, as he often does when confronted with his own jealousy. I'm not going to act surprised he's still doing that because, hey, having a soul never stopped all the other misogynists I've known.

Buffy and Dawn are tidying up a bedroom. Dawn has checked out the emergency bag Wood gave Buffy and summarizes the contents as "trinkets, weapons, one very large text book," and a large, locked box. Then there's a little riff between the two of them where Dawn teases Buffy that she's decided to flunk out of school and then teases again that instead she's paying someone to do her homework. If she weren't joking, I'd suspect Andrew as the payee. Anyway, it's nice to see someone genuinely laughing and having fun on the show, and I was so charmed that I didn't even realize that of course, in Marti's world, any fun must be punished. Punished, I tell you! In this case, Dawn follows Buffy into the bathroom, and they find Chloe. Dead. Hanging from the ceiling. Dawn shrieks.

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