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Get It Done

A bunch of Junior Misses run into the bathroom and stop in horror. Buffy commands, "Dawn, get a knife. I'm cutting her down." Everyone in the house really has been reduced to playing Buffy's slaves now, huh? I wonder if she dresses Andrew up in a little chef outfit and makes him wait on her at dinner. And perhaps she drops her muddy boots next to Spike's cot and expects him to clean them before morning. Well, we wouldn't want Buffy to expend any of her precious energy by going to fetch her own damn knife, when she needs it to show off in front of the principal. Dawn is about to go when the First appears in the bathroom as Chloe. It goads Buffy about Chloe being dead. The First is a master of the obvious. Tiny Evil Chloe says she talked all night to Tiny Dead Chloe, who was a good listener. Do you think the First appeared to Chloe as Buffy, telling her all sorts of awful things? I think that might've been cool to see, especially if we didn't know it was the First at the time. Then Tiny Evil Chloe taunts Kennedy for calling Chloe a maggot, and implies that that sent Tiny Dead Chloe over the edge. Buffy impotently tells the girls not to listen, but I don't see why she doesn't just herd them all out of there and keep up some loud running commentary to drown out the First. After all, from what we've seen of the First's past behavior, it seems like the embodiment of the phrase, "Ignore it and it will go away." There's no reason on Earth to just stand there listening to it. Now, I'm not naming names here, but if The First Evil manifested itself as, say, a whiny cat in Buffy's house, that might really put people on edge and degrade their quality of life. Especially if it did the door thing. Now the cat wants in. Now the cat wants out. Now the cat wants in. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! YES, YES, LATCH! I WILL DO YOUR EVIL BIDDING!

Ahem. Sorry. Tiny Evil Chloe tells the girls that evil is coming and "this" is almost over. Can't fool us, though -- we know it's not over until May. Buffy attempts to be brazen, and Tiny Evil Chloe uses Buffy's voice to repeat what she told Wood earlier: "They're not all going to make it. Some will die, and there's nothing that I can do that will stop it." So what, Tiny Evil Chloe? Buffy already told the Junior Misses that to their faces on at least one occasion. "T.T.F.N.," concludes Tiny Evil Chloe, and vanishes from the room. Buffy has to ask what that means, and Rona explains, "It's 'ta-ta for now.' It's what Tigger says when he leaves." Millie adds that Chloe loved Winnie the Pooh. The real Tigger says that, or the stupid Disney one? Because I don't recall the real Tigger speaking in abbreviations. I don't have my childhood copies of Milne's books here with me to check, however. Everybody just stands there staring at the body for a minute longer, and then Buffy, who hasn't lifted a finger at all in this scene or made any effort to mitigate the appearance of the First, snarls, "Dawn, where's that knife?" Oh, get it yourself, bitch.

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