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Get It Done

Buffy buries Chloe in the backyard. I laugh and laugh, because I think to myself, "Just like a dead kitten!" I know, I'm sick and twisted, but it just seemed so much like the funeral of a goldfish or something that only a child would take seriously. Did Buffy put Chloe in a frickin' shoebox? Do you think Dawn will come out in a few minutes with a little cross made out of popsicle sticks for a headstone? I must say, the digging seems to really be wearing Buffy out. Where's that Slayer strength? She's panting and wiping away the sweat. Oh, wait. What's that? You mean she was supposed to be wiping away a tiny tear of sorrow? Whatever.

All the Junior Misses are gathered in the living room. Sniffling can be heard, and their postures are dejected. Willow's at her computer. Doing what? Emailing Chloe's family? "Oh, sorry -- that child we kidnapped from you? Dead." I mean, I don't seriously think they're kidnapping these girls, but I also don't understand how Giles talked twenty or so families into putting their daughters into the hands of perfect strangers. Not worth thinking about, though, I suppose, since the people writing the scripts obviously haven't. Buffy stomps into the room with her shovel and begins her rousing speech: "Chloe was an idiot. Chloe was stupid. She was weak." Oh, okay. I thought she was a scared fourteen-year-old girl who came up against The Source Of All Evil, but I know better now. Buffy continues that anyone who wants to join Chloe should go ahead and off themselves too, and she'll "find room for [them] next to [Chloe] and Annabelle." And I'm sorry, but I started laughing here again because -- Annabelle is out there too? It really is like a creepy little pet cemetery. Throwing down her shovel, Buffy angrily sneers, "I'm the Slayer. The one with the power. And the First has me using that power to dig our graves." Well, you've been saying all along that people would die, Buffy. What's with the petulance now? It's not like anyone in the room helped Chloe string herself up there. And is what Chloe did any worse than what Andrew and Spike have done under the First's influence? And yet I don't recall a single speech from Buffy about Spike being a stupid, weak idiot. And now comes the real kicker. The bitch-out to end all bitch-outs. Buffy actually has the balls to say, "I've been carrying you. All of you. Too far, too long. Ride's over." What the fucking fuck? I mean, seriously, what the fuck? She's been carrying them? She can't even carry her own knife, as evidenced in the previous scene. I've been over and over this in my mind, and I simply can't fathom what all of them were supposed to be doing that Buffy thinks they haven't done. And who's the only person in the room who had a prophetic dream that Chloe was distressed, and then ignored that dream? Was it, perhaps, Buffy? Yes, I think it was. I also can't see fuck-all that she's done that they haven't helped with. She told them they were an army in "Bring on the Night," and as far as I can tell, they've all been following her orders ever since.

Kennedy jumps up and tells Buffy that she's way out of line. Go back to the kids' table, Kennedy. Kennedy looks to Willow for support, but Willow says Buffy is right. Damn, she's whipped. Kennedy insists that Buffy is not the most powerful person there -- Willow is. Willow just makes big sad doe eyes, and Buffy tells Kennedy that she's new and she's wrong. You see, Buffy's the most powerful because she uses the power she has. Um, yeah. She uses it to moon after Spike, date the principal, and do crap work in her day job. I'm really impressed. Also, the potential Slayers? Innocents, as far as I'm concerned. Not yet called. Not yet powerful. Buffy is supposed to protect the innocents -- protect the people. There's nothing in the phrase "warrior of the people" that implies to me that the warrior gets to sneer at and bitch out the people if they don't all run around doing her bidding and psychically divining her holy wishes before she articulates them. But Little Miss Entitled isn't done yet. She puckers up her mean little mouth and sneers, "The rest of you are just waiting for me." DUH! All the responsibility sitting a little uneasy, Miss Bitches-A-Lot? Well, stop blaming that on other people. They didn't make you the Slayer. Xander reminds Buffy that they consider her their leader and they follow her. Buffy's infuriating reply? "Well, from now on I'm your leader as in 'Do as I say.'" I've only got an angry, "Huh?" for that. Instead of pointing out that's just what everyone has been doing, Xander reminds Buffy, "Let's not forget, we're also your friends." Not the point I would've made there.

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