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Get It Done

Cut to…Joshua Tree, it looks like. Buffy has been dumped in the middle of a desert very much like the one from "Restless."

Back at Casa Summers, they're in brainstorming mode. Xander suggests looking for info in the instruction manual, but now that it's whisked the Slayer away, it's re-translated itself into ancient Sumerian. ["It looked to me like the whole thing had been erased." -- Sars] Willow, on her way to the kitchen for the first aid kit, has Kennedy yapping at her heels and hounding her to get down with the witch-fu. "Worst thing that happens is that you go brunette." God, Kennedy! Could you please shut your motherfucking mouth when it comes to subjects about which you know NOTHING? You didn't even believe in magic until a couple of episodes ago, and if people who have known Willow for years are apprehensive, maybe you could pay attention to that instead of thinking that you are the be-all and end-all of all there is to know on any given subject. And in the course of writing that, it's just become clear to me that Kennedy is, without a doubt, going to be the next Slayer. From the doorway, Anya suggests that they just leave Buffy there. "If she's so superior let her find her own way back." Heh. Go Anya! "The First is already up and running," counters Xander, "Every second that Buffy's not here is an opportunity for it to show up and rip us to pieces." Except, y'know, it's INCORPOREAL. Jeebus! At least we only had to suffer through that "Ben is Glory. Wait! Are you saying there might be some sort of connection between Ben and Glory?" crap for a single episode. Sure, Xander could be talking about the Bringers, but we haven't seen a lot of them lately, and the show has tended to differentiate between The First and the Bringers so far.

Dawn tries to make the conversation more productive by asking Willow how she'd go about bringing Buffy back. Willow doesn't know, but under Dawn's questioning she admits that you'd start with the principles of physics. "You can't really create or destroy anything, just transfer," she explains. Anya makes a pffff noise. "Magic works off physics," insists Willow with some force. And here I thought it worked off of a crappy metaphor for either lesbian sex or drug addiction. "Not without a catalyst. If you're talking about transferring energies you need some kinda conduit," retorts Anya. "Like a Cracken's tooth," says Willow, starting to get excited. Hmm. Anya then uses her special ability to annoy Willow as a way to get her to clarify her own thinking on a subject, if only to prove Anya wrong. Clever girl. No wonder Giles likes her. Kennedy reminds everyone that the book said they would need something to exchange. They decide that it should be the original demon, and that it doesn't necessarily need to be alive. Well, that's convenient. "I vote dead. The demon's mine," says Spike, steadying himself against the doorway. Kennedy snides, "I hate to say it, Big Bad, but you look like you can barely stand. We're trained. And the only thing we know for sure about this demon is it kicked your ass." My God. Kennedy has actually put me in the position of being pro-Spike. For that she must die. That, and the fact that she's a charmless little suck-baby. If there's anything I hate more than a brash blowhard, it's a brash blowhard in the body of a teenager. Spike heads out the door with the cryptic explanation that he's after something he needs.

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