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Okay, That's Taking "Active Parenting" A Little Too Far

Okay, after "Amends," this episode is a cakewalk. And I'd really forgotten how funny it is. Considering that the opening scene shows two dead kids, that's no mean feat. Let's get to it!

We open with a shot of Buffy patrolling in a park. Something moves in the shrubbery (now I'm already thinking of the Knights Who Say "Ni." This could be one long recap), and she pulls out a stake. Suddenly Joyce's voice calls out, "Is it a vampire?" She walks up, holding a Thermos and a paper bag. Buffy asks what she's doing there, and Joyce says she came to bring Buffy some food and to observe the slaying. Aw. Buffy says that slaying is an "alone thing," but Joyce won't be put off. Buffy switches gears, saying that it's pretty dull, when the bushes move again. A very ugly middle-aged vampire appears and rushes them. He and Buffy fight. The action is peppered with such helpful comments from Joyce as, "C'mon honey, kill him!", "He's over here!", and "oh my God, it's Mr. Sanderson from the bank!" Hee. Mr. Sanderson, bring me a dream! God, I'm even more stream-of-consciousness than usual. I should take this opportunity to write some fan-fic or something. The vamp manages to get away from Buffy, and she tells Joyce to stay put as she goes in pursuit. Joyce walks to a bench in a nearby playground area. She looks around, and with a smile picks up a toy truck that's on the ground. When she looks up, however, her smile fades. She walks forward.

Buffy's caught up with Mr. Sanderson. She quickly dusts him.

Joyce continues her slow march forward. She drops the Thermos and gapes in horror. The camera pans back to reveal a young boy and girl lying dead on the ground. We focus on the girl's open palm, which bears a green symbol that looks like a handlebar mustache over an upside-down triangle. Then again, the whole thing could be upside-down itself. Credits.

The police are now on the scene. They photograph the kids. Although there are no apparent wounds, it's still quite shocking to see. The kids look about eight. The girl has fairly long curly blonde hair, while the boy's hair is brown, in a bowl cut. The kids both look pretty German, which is a nice touch, as we'll see later. Buffy talks to a cop, then walks over and tells Joyce that they have permission to go home. Joyce, looking distraught, says that the kids were "tiny," and asks Buffy if she saw them. Buffy world-wearily says that she did. Joyce, near tears, wonders who could have done it. Buffy says she'll find the killer, but Joyce points out that even that won't make it right. Buffy agrees, and hugs her mom tenderly. She says she'll take care of everything. "Just try and calm down."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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