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Giles shepherds the rest of the swim team into the cage, apparently having explained at least partially what's going on. Is it a good idea to lock them all in when any one of them might turn into a monster at any time? Willow says that everyone's accounted for except "Sean," the guy who told Xander about the steroids. Cordy and Xander enter at that moment and tell them they have a pretty good idea what happened to Sean. They fret about Buffy not having returned yet.

Down below, the creatures circle Buffy. Well, that was informative.

Xander confronts the coach in his office. He asks where Buffy is, and the coach's eyes almost bulge out in the direction of the gun, like, real smooth, Evil Genius.

The fish guys start attacking Buffy. She holds them off. Upstairs, Xander gets the better of Coach Grey Gut. Buffy looks like she knows she can't hold out for long, and the three start to close on her again. Xander lies on the floor, reaches his arm out, and calls to her. Buffy ducks underwater, then jumps up and manages to catch Xander's hand. The fish creatures grab at her legs, but she kicks them off and gets pulled up. As Buffy gasps for air, the coach rises up and hits Xander on the head with something, but Buffy sweeps his feet, sending him headlong into the hole. Buffy grabs one of his ankles, but all those Hungry-Man dinners he ate back in the seventies come back to haunt him as she can't keep hold. The "boys" converge on him, and I imagine they're hungry again, as even in their current state I can't imagine they'd be desperate enough to use him for their other "needs." As the boys pull him underwater, Buffy remarks to a now-conscious Xander, "Those boys really love their coach." No, they just think he's the writer.

Lounge. Xander informs the girls that he's meeting some of the guys for "plasma transfusions" that afternoon. How romantic. Giles appears and tells him that the people from Animal Control have left, and it appears that the fish creatures escaped. Buffy says she doesn't think they'll be returning, and Giles asks where she thinks they'll go. Buffy: "Home." Kill me.

Three rubber-suited creatures swim out into the ocean. How is it possible this episode came in short? I feel like I just starred in the TWoP production of The Old Recapper And The Sea.

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