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Cameron sits in the steam room. We get a couple shots of the locker room to establish that something is lurking. He hears a noise, and then we see a shadow approaching the steam room. False alarm -- it's Coach Grey Gut. He tells Cameron, "I think you've had enough," and that he should hit the showers. In the hallway, Xander, complaining about the research, is going to get a drink when Cameron barrels into him. Cameron acts like a jerk, which we already knew, thanks, and Xander gives him shit for the Buffy-beating he took. Cameron: "You're lucky I'm hungry." Wow. That has to be one of the wussiest lines a so-called "bully" has ever uttered in the history of television. What's next? "This isn't over -- I just really have to go to the bathroom"? Xander says that the cafeteria's closed, but Cam smirks that not to him, it isn't, and if 24-hour access to high-school cafeteria food is enough to get this guy to get up at five a.m. for swim practice every day, he's even dumber than he looks. And that's saying a lot.

Cameron enters the cafeteria, but stops and seems to smell something awful. In the hallway, Xander is trying to decide on a soda when he hears a yell. He rushes into the cafeteria, and finds some overturned tables and chairs right by where Cameron was standing. He sniffs the air, then finds another pile of skin, along with the shredded remains of Cameron's clothing. He backs away in horror, then turns around to find the Black Lagoon creature right behind him. The creature roars, and Xander gives a scream even girlier than Jonathan's.

Library. We don't even get to see Xander's daring escape? Cordy is attempting to sketch the creature from Xander's description, although it's frustrating with his backseat drawing. When she's done, Giles asks if the sketch is accurate. Xander says he thinks so, kind of, but the thing went through the window, and he was startled, and...Cordy: "Go ahead, say it. You ran like a woman." Hee! Buffy and Willow reenter, having procured some statistics on the school's swimmers, and says that Tattoo Boy and Cameron were indeed the two best swimmers on the team, and if the pattern continues, Gage will be the next target, as he's Number Three. I think of him as more Number Two. Cordy laments that they're never going to win the state championship. "I think I've lost all will to cheerlead." Watch Bring It On -- it can make even the most uncoordinated twirl around their living rooms. Giles suggests that someone's killing the swim team members out of revenge, and Buffy muses that that person could have called a demon from whence it came for that purpose. She looks at Giles and repeats, "'From whence it came'? I'm spending way too much time around you." Giles gives a small pleased smile. Aw. I love that moment. Xander wonders who would hate the swim team that much, and they all look at him. "Besides me, I mean." Heh. Willow suggests Jonathan, and Buffy gives her leave to question him. Giles opines that Buffy should "discreetly" try to protect Gage, and she leaves. Xander asks what he can do. Cordy: "Well, you could go out to the parking lot, and practice running like a man." Wow. I don't think even I would have said that to Xander. But then again, I didn't think of it.

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