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When we return, Buffy gets with the fish-fu. The fish get her on the ropes, but Coach Grey Gut appears, and they go sliding for the opening from whence they came. Cut to the nurse's office, where Conchata is dressing a cut on Buffy's arm. Giles and Buffy explain to the coach that the boys didn't die, but turned into monsters, and how they don't consider him under suspicion as a matter of course is completely beyond me. Giles does find it hard to believe that he didn't know the boys were taking steroids. So make the connection, Giles!

Computer lab. Willow's in the school medical records, and she tells Buffy and Xander that the boys' records show signs of steroid abuse, but "there must be something else in the mix." Buffy notes that Conchata treated all of them, and opines that she must have known. Buffy directs Xander to try to find out in what form the boys are taking the stuff, and says that she and Giles are "going fishing" with the tranquilizer gun. She should really patrol with that thing.

Sewers. Giles and Buffy look around. Does Giles have any shoes that are remotely appropriate for this task? I hope he'll at least drive to an outlet store to replace those wing tips. There's a scary moment involving a rat, like, not, and they come to a fork in the pipe. They pick one way, and the camera pans left, only from the speed at which it does so, it seems like someone decided to blow on it rather than actually turning it. Finally, before we get to May sweeps, 2003, a fish creature pops its head around the corner. Well, that was worth my time.

Up in the steam room, Xander practices for his next Congressional filibuster. Dude, if I were one of the other guys, I'd be thinking that someone talking that much was doing the equivalent of mentally repeating, "Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts." There is just no call for that much chatter when you're straight, practically naked, and packed in like sardines. Anyway, Xander learns that the steroids are in the steam, which shuts him up. Go, steam, go!

Conchata berates Coach Grey Gut for continuing the steroid treatment, like, I'm sure they'd be comfortable yelling about this in a room that has better acoustics than Carnegie Hall. He says they just need to adjust the mix, and they continue pedearguing until he tosses her through the grate down to the sewers as food for the three fish monsters. No, I have no idea where any of that came from, although if you forced me to, I'd guess, "Someone's ass?" He replaces the grate, and Conchata slowly backs up through the waist-high water until she's pulled down. Goodbye, Conchata. You deserved better than that.

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