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The Unbearable Lightness of Buffy

Later, Buffy has booked an emergency appointment at a Sunnydale hair salon. She baby-talks a request that the stylist make her "different." Oh, honey, I've tried that approach and it never works. You have to change a lot more than your hair to be different.

Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan are nearby, preparing to invisiray themselves and then watch some bikini waxes at women's spa. I'm a bit confused as to why they aren't already invisible already, though, since rendering yourself invisible on a busy street, and right outside the business you're about to enter, seems quite stupid. But I'm even more confused as to why they would want to watch women getting their bikini lines waxed. I guess it takes all kinds. The stooges panic when they see Buffy exit the salon across the street, and Andrew and Jonathan start a tussle over the invisiray. Warren joins in the struggle, and the ray shoots a stray bolt across the street, zapping the unaware Buffy as well as a nearby dumpster and a few other objects but miraculously not making parts of the sidewalk invisible. And this is why shows like Buffy should stick to magic instead of science. If I can explain it away with "well, that's just magic," I'm fine. But this pseudo-science is going to have me up all night with all sorts of niggling questions about the nature of invisibility.

Commercials. You know, I didn't think that 1-800-COLLECT could get more annoying spokespeople than the original 1-800-Collecta Trifecta of Arsenio Hall, David Arquette, and Alyssa Milano. But the new unholy trinity of David Spade, Carrot Top, and Mr. T has proven me wrong. Hang on. I just realized that some of those people hawk AT&T's collect calling number. Which means that there are two entirely different sets of annoying shills for collect calling. Why is this the only sector of the economy that seems to be booming?

Xanya are in the Magic Box, because they never, ever get to leave that set. Punishment for putting superglue on the seat of Joss's private "show creators only" toilet, I think. Xanya are engaging in wacky wedding hijinks regarding seating plans; as usual, the less said about wacky wedding hijinks, the better. Buffy enters the shop and joins the conversation, freaking Xanya out with her invisibility. This scene is incredibly hard to buy, as are all the invisi-Buffy scenes, because the sound quality and delivery of Sarah Michelle's voice-overs don't match the quality and delivery of the actors she's supposedly in the same room with. Does anyone know if SMG is filming a new movie, or needed time off to work on re-shoots of Scooby Doo? Or just needed time off, period? Because her voice-overs sound like she telephoned them in, whilst casually reading through the script for the very first time, all while lying in the sun in Aruba, sipping a fruity drink. I'm usually of the opinion that SMG is a decent little actress, but she really should be embarrassed about the job she does in this episode. But it's not just the delivery; the long pauses between lines are incredibly annoying. It's almost as if all of SMG's lines are recorded on a portable tape deck, and the other actors have to fit their lines around the gaps in the tape.

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