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The Unbearable Lightness of Buffy

Anyway, Obvious Voice-Over Buffy gets her tits grabbed by Xander, who then makes a reference to Marci, the invisible girl from the first-season episode "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Buffy tries to tells the story of why she vanished (it's a short story, because she's not sure why) but Anya is much more interested in the fact that Buffy cut her hair. Buffy bemoans her horrible day: "Willow's still a wreck, Dawn's mad at both of us, and the Social Services lady put me through the wringer. Says she's gonna watch me!" Buffy laughs and adds, "I'd like to see her try now." She then grabs two decorated balls out of a nearby basket and holds them up in the air like a set of eyes -- so we don't get bored watching a blank screen and only hearing an obviously phoned-in voice-over, I guess. In the background, the music tinkles away, sounding for all the world like a piece of "something magical just happened" music from one of those cruddy 1950s live-action Disney movies. Buffy takes her ball-eyes over to Anya and then, as Xander and Anya work on the mystery or how and why Buffy is invisible, the Slayer entertains herself by floating skulls and generally not helping. Guess being invisible makes you frivolous. Buffy jaunts off for a "walk," but not before off-handedly commanding Xanya to work on her problem while she's out playing. After Buffy flits off, Anya decides that Buffy must be under a spell, possibly a spell gone wrong, as most villains wouldn't want the Slayer rendered more effective though invisibility. Xander wonders who would be "messing with that kind of power," and jumps to the conclusion that Willow is off the magic wagon.

At the Summers home, Willow is guzzling bottled water and engaging in some heavy research. She spots a book she needs across the room, almost summons it with magic, and then stops herself. As she's looking guilty, Xander appears in the dining room. Willow tells him she's discovered that the diamond has "quasi-mystical quantum properties," but Xander just wants to test out his "naughty Willow" theory. He tells her that "relapse is a part of recovery," and they just need to fix her mistake. At Willow's confused reaction, Xander explains (eventually) that Buffy's become invisible. Willow's more interested in the part of the story where Buffy got her hair cut, though. Silly girls. Silly shallow girls. Xander accepts that Willow had nothing to do with Buffy's going invisible, but Willow gets in a snit about being accused anyway, because she is good and pure and has never, ever used magic to further her own agenda. Twit. She flounces out of the house.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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