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The Unbearable Lightness of Buffy

In the Lair of Lame, Warren is attempting to fix the invisiray while Andrew and Jonathan bicker about who broke it in the first place. Maybe Warren could invent a mute ray next to shut those two up? I'd be behind that plan. The nerds bemoan the fact they won't get to peer at naked women getting their pubic hair pulled out by the roots, and then Andrew freaks them out by suggesting that the invisible Slayer could be in the room with them at that very moment. He gets a little carried away, though: "For all we know, she could be one of us!" Warren and Jonathan are drawn in for a second, then realize how ridiculous that suggestion is. Jonathan grumbles that invisi-Buffy means "a whole world of trouble."

Trouble for innocent bystanders, that is. A casually dressed woman sits on a park bench, reading. Invisi-Buffy grabs the lavender studded cap off the woman's head and floats it in the air. She obvious-voice-overs, "I am the ghost of fashion victims past!" And don't forget present and future! "Studded caps? Not a good idea!" The woman runs away in fright, and Buffy tosses the cap into the trash. That scene? Not funny. Why? Because I'm not six, for god's sack. Buffy then notices a traffic cop giving a car a ticket and, to the accompaniment of the same twinkly, Disney-esque magical-moment music, zips off in his little parking enforcement cart. As she drives away, she jauntily chirps, "So long, coppah!" Since when does Buffy do silly accents? Sigh. But you know what? I'm behind any sort of harassment of parking control officers. Right after I discovered that my car would not start this morning, I got my neighbor to help give me a jump. It was two minutes past the time I needed to have my car moved for street cleaning when the meter maid rounded the corner. I begged, I pleaded. Not only did she give me a ticket for violating the street cleaning zone, but she gave my friend, who was helping me out by giving me a jump, a ticket for double parking. I hate meter maids. Meter maids eat their young. But back to bitching about the show. During these scenes, SMG's voice does not at all sound like it's coming from someone actually in the park. In fact, she sounds a lot more like she's standing next to my television, narrating, than she sounds like she's in Sunnydale. Buffy then pulls up in front of the Social Services building.

Upstairs, Buffy finds Doris Kroger working at her desk. Or actually, the camera finds Kroger working at her desk, and we're just supposed to believe that Buffy is there. It's a stretch. Kroger puts down her coffee mug and turns away for a second. When she reaches back for it, it's moved to the other side of her desk. The magical-moment music saps onwards as Buffy again moves the coffee mug. When Kroger spots the mug above her computer, Buffy wiggles it in the air and chants, "Kill, kill." Kroger attempts to explain to her coworker why she's talking to herself, and gets more harassment from Buffy. The harried social worker yells at the mug to shut up and stomps away from her desk. As soon as she leaves, Buffy invisibly flips through a stack of files and finds the one for Dawn Summers. She then begins to enter something on Kroger's computer.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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