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Graduation Day, Part II

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Previouslys. I can't believe anyone reading this wouldn't know what happened in the first part, but if you don't, Ace has a tasty recap just for you. And I also don't believe that anyone reading this doesn't know that the original U.S. airing of this episode was delayed for several weeks because of the Columbine shootings. I never understood that. "Earshot," I can understand. This? Not so much.

Opening shot: Faith's bloody knife. Boy, that knife has gotten a lot of screen time, hasn't it? I wouldn't be surprised if it had a short movie career after this, followed by the inevitable slide into drugs and prostitution. Sorry, I've been watching too much Behind The Music lately. It's probably just part of a Ginsu set now. ["Or appearing on Rogue-Slayer Weapons Roadshow. -- Sars] The camera pans up to show Buffy, obviously in pain and still shocked from having just "killed" Faith. After casting a look around, she disappears down a ladder on the side of the building. The Mayor steps into the picture and surveys the scene, also in shock. A henchvamp informs him that the place is deserted. The Mayor starts babbling, trying to convince himself that Faith is okay. He tells the henchvamp to find them, and to "put everyone on it." The henchvamp tries to demur, but the Mayor whirls and screams, "Find them!" Uh, I'd obey the psycho-crazed-with-grief-soon-to-be-demon if I were you, dude. He leaves, and the Mayor nervously resumes his babble-fest: "Faith's a good girl. She'll be all right." Yeah, but only after you're a pile of rotting meat in a bombed-out school. It's cool to see him panicked and broken-recordy, though. Credits.

Deep Blue Sea. Did anyone see that? Like, in the entire world?

Library. Xander brings Giles coffee, but wonders why Giles isn't drinking tea. Giles: "Tea is soothing. I wish to be tense." I'll let that pass without any sort of sexual comment. Unless Sars wants to say something. ["Where would I even start?" -- Sars] Xander: "Okay, but you're destroying a perfectly good cultural stereotype here." Well, at least you're keeping up the "dumb American teenage boy" stereotype, Xander. They attempt to research details about the demon that the Mayor's going to become. Cordy busts in and demands an explanation. Xander asks what for, and she responds, "Wesley." Xander makes me take back almost every mean thing I've ever said about him when he responds, "Inbreeding?" Cordy explains that she talked to Wes, and he was so upset he could hardly speak. So what was the problem, exactly? She goes on that he's leaving the country. Still not getting it. I would have chipped in for his plane ticket. Hell, I still would. Actually, now that I live in England, I take that back. Make it a plane ticket to the Aleutian Islands, though, and I'm totally in. Giles scores points with me as well (not that he needs them) as he snarks, "Should I assay remorse?" He's chastened, however, when Cordy earnestly, even touchingly, asks him simply to tell her what's going on. He explains that Buffy quit the Council, and no longer needs a Watcher. Cordy: "Well, does he have to leave the country? I mean, you got fired and you still hang around like a big loser. Why can't he?" You'll be getting a firsthand answer to that question on a little show called Angel, dear. Xander snarks that they're trying to stop a massacre, and that maybe she should pitch in. She agrees, but complains that it's a classic Buffy maneuver, as "she's always thinking of herself."

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