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Rayne Of Terror

We fade up on a pumpkin stand. The camera pans down to reveal a sign informing us that Halloween is two days away, and a jack-o'-lantern. Buffy comes flying into the picture and lands on her derriere, crushing the jack-o'-lantern. I wish that had been the plot of "Smashed." She looks up and sees a young vamp coming at her. She reaches for something. We see the vamp get beaned with a gourd, and then with a whole pumpkin. Heh. Buffy flips up to her feet and chucks a stake at the vamp. He blocks it with a scarecrow that has a pumpkin head. Buffy and the vamp fight at close range. We see them through a camera lens, and then learn that another vamp is videotaping the action on a hand-held camera. I guess Spike wanted an edgy feel for his filmmaking debut. The melee continues. This vamp is quite a talented fighter, but Buffy eventually grabs the sign out of the ground, sweeps the vamp's feet with it, and stakes him with the pointy end. Buffy leaves, and Video Vamp withdraws. Credits.

Bronze. Angel twiddles his thumbs at a table. Cordy joins him with a friendly word about how "not happening" the Bronze is. It's completely packed, and we learn from later statements that it's a weeknight, so I'd try a different approach, Cordy. Try asking Angel his favorite brand of hair gel -- best to stick to what he knows. Angel says he's waiting for Buffy, and Cordy reveals that she's supposed to be meeting Devon, but he seems to have flaked. Against all odds, Angel seems to be glad of Cordy's company. Buffy enters, and quickly spies them together. Cordy is actually making Angel laugh. Buffy turns to leave, probably to warn Giles that a sign of the apocalypse has just occurred, but Angel sees her and rushes over. She explains that she had a "rough day at the office." Angel pulls a piece of straw out of her hair. "So I see." Heh. Buffy gamely tries to pass it off as a "seasonal" look, but when Cordy comes over and tells her that her hair "screams street urchin," she's had enough. Angel tells her she looks fine, and that he wants to have their date, but Buffy isn't feeling like a natural woman, and points out that other girls have time to think about beauty and grooming. "You know what I think about? Ambush tactics. Beheading. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of." Maybe not, but you might find them awfully useful in a breakup. She leaves. Cordy comes back and sunnily offers Angel a cappuccino. He looks blank. All's right with the world again.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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