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Rayne Of Terror

The Scoobs find a warehouse, and Xander attempts to barricade the door while Angel checks if there's another way in. Buffy hides behind Cordy, who complains about the clinging again. Xander fails to hold the barricade, and the Scoobs flee farther inside.

Ethan lies on the floor, and, though deflated, manages to point out that the Ripper isn't dead after all. Giles, absently cleaning the blood off his knuckles, asks again how to break the spell. Ethan wisecracks some more, and Giles kicks him in the ribs. Ouch!

Spike advances on Buffy, happily noting how helpless she is. He slaps her in the face, and says he loves it. His henchwhatevers have Angel and Xander contained. Buffy cries in earnest as Spike lowers her onto a table or something and starts to lean in for the kill.

Giles wing-tips Ethan again, and Ethan gives up that Giles needs to destroy the statue of Janus to break the spell. Giles raises the bust on high.

Xander elbow-punches one of his captors, and quickly gets free. Spike leans close. Willow tells Xander that he's allowed to shoot Spike, and Xander picks up his gun.

Giles heaves the statue, and it shatters.

Xander's gun has reverted to a toy. The mini-demons are crying kids again. Spike looks around, confused, and then Buffy's wig comes off in his hand. Ha! Buffy, now her old self, gets up, and, with a sunny smile, starts kicking Spike's ass. Still reeling, he's unable to put up an effective fight. Again, however, Angel doesn't move to help, and Buffy inexplicably allows Spike to escape unchallenged.

At the shop, Giles looks back in Ethan's direction, but Ethan is gone.

In the warehouse, Xander tells Cordy that he remembers what happened. Of course -- we need an excuse for that handy military training. Angel comes up and gently asks Buffy if she's okay. She says yes, smiles, and walks off with him. Cordy: "Hello, it felt like I was talking, my lips were moving, and..." Xander tells her that she won't get between Buffy and Angel, and that he should know. Because she was ditching Angel to go to a frat party all of one episode ago. Cordy says they should get the kids back to their parents. Xander realizes that Willow is missing.

On the porch, Willow tosses off the sheet. She gets up, happy to be alive, and reflexively starts to put the sheet back on, but thinks better of it and ditches it. A kick-ass alt-rock song ("How She Dies," by Treble Charger) starts up as she strides confidently away. Oz pulls up to the intersection in his van, and Willow crosses the street in front of him. He wonders to himself, "Who is that girl?" I know they're going for a theme here, but why don't you offer her a ride, you lunatic?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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