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Rayne Of Terror

Buffy's bedroom. Angel is lounging on Buffy's bed when she comes in, down to sweats and a tank top. He asks her why she thought he'd like her better dressed like something out of Dangerous Liaisons. She says she wanted to be like the girls he liked when he was human, but he tells her he hated the girls from his era, especially the noblewomen. He calls them incredibly dull, which is rich coming from the Marquis de Blahde. It's sweet that he's making her feel better, though. He calls her interesting. She wants to know how she's interesting, and he smilingly says she knows. She smiles back that she had a rough day, and that he should remind her. He agrees that he should, but they start making out instead. Aw. Actual intimacy on this show! And from Buffy and one of her boyfriends, no less!

Giles enters Ethan's store, which has been cleaned out. He looks around, and finds a card that simply says, "Be seeing you." How The Prisoner. Be seeing you!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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