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Rayne Of Terror

School hallway. Snyder, holding a clipboard, grabs a random girl and informs her that she's "volunteering." For what, you ask? Willow, walking with Buffy and Xander, has the answer: The "Volunteer Safety Program," wherein teenagers take groups of little kids trick-or-treating. Xander notes that Snyder's using a loose definition of the word "volunteer," and wouldn't that be their cue to bolt now, if they had any brains? They do remember "The Puppet Show," right? Seconds later, it's too late, as Snyder puts his hand on Buffy's shoulder. After some quality snark in which he calls Buffy "missy," he leads her to the "volunteer" table. Buffy lamely tries to tell him that her carpal tunnel syndrome prevents her from holding a flashlight. Snyder, of course, doesn't even acknowledge her, telling her the hours are four to six PM. Willow looks glum and Xander amused as Snyder hands Buffy a pen to sign up, but then both look horrified when Snyder hands them each a pen of their own. Hee. Very soon after, the three teens are lamenting their fate, and exposit that costumes are mandatory. Buffy complains that she's missing out on a night off, as, according to Giles, Halloween is the one night where demons don't come out and play. I'd probably complain too in their shoes, but since I'm not, I'd point out that it's only two hours, and being done at six doesn't exactly kill the evening.

Anyway, our triad has arrived at the lounge. Xander puts money in the soda machine. Sixty cents for a soda? Is this the Reagan years? Xander tries the Dr. Pepper and Coke buttons, but nothing comes out. Speaking of not coming out (yet), Larry appears, and asks Xander if he and Buffy are a couple. When the answer is negative, he's psyched, because he's heard Buffy is "fast." Okay, now is this the Truman years? Who says that? Despite the dated language, Xander takes offense, and grabs Larry's shirt. Larry: "Not here, Harris!" Actually, he moves to punch Xander, but Buffy comes out of nowhere, arm-twists Larry into the soda machine, and tells him to beat it, which he does. Larry's impact knocks a Diet (?) Dr. Pepper out, and Buffy excitedly grabs it. Xander asks if she knows what she just did. Buffy: "Saved a dollar?" You might want not to frame that comment with a shot of the sixty-cent price on the machine, editors. Xander clarifies that her rescue makes him look like a coward, and he would have preferred a black eye. Buffy restrains herself from obliging that preference, and Xander stomps off impotently. Buffy muses that she just violated the "guy code." Willow asks about Buffy's date. Buffy informs her of her "unscheduled slayage" and Cordy's attentions to Angel. Willow opines that Cordy isn't Angel's type. I hear "MENDOZA!" from the Angel forums. Buffy points out that she has no idea what Angel's type is, as he's not one to overshare. Willow says that it's too bad they can't read up on Angel in the Watcher diaries. Aren't those online? Buffy, in a mischievous tone, agrees that it's too bad, as that stuff is private. Catching on, Willow adds that Giles keeps them in his office with his personal files. Buffy: "Most importantly, it would be wrong."

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