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Rayne Of Terror

Hee! I'm sorry! I can't help it. I can't do them justice, but Willow's facial expressions and Buffy's surreptitious gestures add so much to the scene. I think it's cute, too, that Giles came out of it with a greater sense of confidence with respect to Miss Calendar. Anyway. In the girl's bathroom, Buffy and Willow are looking at drawings of elegantly costumed women from Angel's human time period. Buffy whines that she'll never be that pretty. I realize you're feeling a little vulnerable, Miss Maybelline, but I think even you can outshine a poorly-detailed ink drawing. Willow tries to comfort Buffy in her latest hour of need. Buffy smiles at how wonderful it must have been to put on beautiful clothes and go to balls. You might change your mind after your first corset, dear. Willow says she prefers being able to vote, "or I will, when I can." Cordy busts in, and snarks that she "comfort[ed]" Angel after Buffy left the previous evening. She goes on to ask what his deal is, as she never sees him around. Buffy and Willow tell her Angel's a vampire. Cordy: "Oh, he's a vampire. Of course! But the cuddly kind, like a Care Bear with fangs?" Hee. She accuses them of trying to scare her off, and snarks that "when it comes to dating, I'm the Slayer." Black Widow: She Snarks And She Kills. She leaves. Buffy looks like the last of her self-esteem went running after Cordy, begging to be adopted.

Costume shop. Amidst a bunch of kids, Buffy shops. Willow comes bounding up and proudly displays a generic ghost costume. Look who's a big girl now! Jeez. Who did she dress as when she was younger, Holly Hobbie? Buffy opines that Willow should stop hiding, as Halloween is supposed to be "come as you aren't" night. That's certainly been true at several Halloween parties I've been to, and I'm not talking about the costumes. Buffy suggests Willow get "sexy and wild," but Willow claims that wild on her "equals spaz." That explains "Wrecked." Well, not completely. Xander appears, and displays a toy gun. Buffy: "That's not a costume." Xander explains that he already has army fatigues, so he's got a two-dollar costume all ready to go. Buffy tries to apologize about the Larry incident. Xander: "Do you mind, Buffy? I'm trying to repress." Heh. Buffy promises that from now on, she'll let him get pummeled. I know a good notary public, Buffy. Xander accepts the apology. Something catches Buffy's eye, and she walks across the shop to a red and magenta (no, I'm not color-blind, but sometimes I wish I were) ball gown. Xander says he prefers his women in spandex. Shut up, Xander. Ethan Rayne appears (I'm not pretending I don't know him -- sorry) and suavely takes down the dress and displays it in front of Buffy. Ethan: "Meet the hidden princess. I think we've found a match, don't you?" Er, "hidden"? Buffy says she can't afford it (ever hear of rental?) but Ethan gallantly says he's moved to make her a deal she can't refuse. Buffy turns back to the mirror, all smiles.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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