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Rayne Of Terror

Factory. Spike is playing back the tape of Buffy's fight at the beginning of the episode. He's watching it on the television screens that Angel crashed through the floor in "Surprise." Nice continuity -- I never noticed that before. Spike admires Buffy's style as "tricky" and "resourceful." Dru appears, holding Miss Edith, and asks if Spike loves her "insoides." Spike: "Eyeballs to entrails, my sweet." Miss Edith: "Your larynx, on the other hand..." Spike goes on that he's studying the Slayer for her. That excuse will only go so far. Dru tells him that "everything's switching," and that the Slayer will soon be weak. Spike tells her to "talk to Daddy," which is super-annoying, since a lot of people have been complaining that FauxDru calling Spike "Daddy" in "Bring On The Night" was a breach of continuity, and I thought they were right. Damn. Anyway, Dru says that it will happen the following night. Spike points out that the following night is Halloween, and nothing ever happens. Dru explains, "Someone's come to change it all. Someone new." Creepy music swells.

Ethan, clad in a ceremonial robe, enters the back room of his shop, in which a number of candles are arrayed around the bust of a head. He kneels, and recites a short paean to the bust. The side we see has a normal-looking male face on it. Ethan anoints his own eyelids and forehead with some grease, and declares that he remains a servant of chaos. Don't come near our boards, buddy. The camera swings around to show that the other side of the bust has a face on it too. I think the two faces are supposed to represent order and chaos, but the "chaos" face just looks like he's getting his teeth cleaned.

Buffy's bedroom. Buffy is in costume, having rounded out her dress with a piled-on-top black wig. She tells Willow, who's off-camera, that she's meeting Angel there after the trick-or-treating, and that her mom will be out. She goes on that Angel doesn't know about her costume, and that it'll be a "blast from his past." She then tells Willow to come out and show off her new costume. Willow reluctantly obeys. She looks great: her hair is up, and she's wearing sexy but not slutty make-up, a black leather skirt, and a midriff-baring brown top. The outfit really isn't anything to freak out about, but Willow opines that it "isn't [her]." Buffy doesn't want to hear that. The doorbell rings. Buffy exposits that it'll be Xander, and happily says that the boys will go "non-verbal" when they see Willow. Willow looks nervous. Downstairs, Buffy opens the door. Xander, upon seeing her outfit: "Buffy! Lady of Buffdom, Duchess of Buffonia, I am in awe! I completely renounce spandex!" Good news for all of us. Buffy curtseys in response, but tells Xander to wait until he sees -- Willow appears on the stairs wearing the ghost costume -- "Casper." Heh. Xander compliments the "Boo!" on Willow's costume. I happily note that, unlike me, he resisted the urge to say, "Boo-yah!" Did I mention that I hate Al Pacino?

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