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Rayne Of Terror

School. Outside, a number of costumed kids are running around excitedly. Inside, Snyder leads a group up to Buffy, and snarks that she shouldn't talk to them, as she would be a bad influence. He starts to walk away. Buffy says hi to a kid, but Snyder turns back: "Uh uh!" Hee. Buffy clams up. Larry, in a pirate outfit, asks Xander where his bodyguard is, and fakes attacking Xander before walking away laughing. Xander looks annoyed. Oz is putting his guitar away when Cordy, dressed in a unitard with cat ears and drawn-on whiskers, accosts him and asks if the band is playing that night. Upon hearing an affirmative, she snots, "Is Mr. I'm The Lead Singer I'm So Great I Don't Have To Show Up For My Date Or Even Call gonna be there?" Oz evenly says he's just going by "Devon" now. Heh. Cordy says to tell Devon that she doesn't care, and that Oz didn't even see her. Understandably confused, Oz asks what he's supposed to say again. Cordy: "Nothing! Jeez, get with the program!" Yeah -- Hissyfit, starring Cordelia Chase. She stomps off. Oz amusedly says to himself that he needs a girl like that, then bumps into ghost-clad Willow, continuing a loose theme started in "Inca Mummy Girl." Elsewhere, Xander is giving a military-style speech to his group on the dos and don'ts of "sleazing extra candy." He then marches them out single file.

Later, it's dark out. Buffy's group rejoins her after hitting a house. Buffy asks what "Mrs. Davis" gave them, and they show her toothbrushes. Buffy: "She must be stopped." Seriously. Is she trying to get her house TPed? Buffy says they have time for one more house. Meanwhile, Ethan is reciting an incantation in Latin. I never took Latin, but I can make out enough to know that he tells the bust to "seize the night" and some other vaguely menacing things. Willow leads her group onto someone's porch, and one of them rings the doorbell. A pleasant older woman answers, and proclaims the kids "adorable." Try saying that with a hand around your windpipe, lady. Ethan holds up the bust of "Janus" (who, by the way, I don't remember from Roman mythology as being nearly the baddie he seems to be in this episode) and finishes the incantation. A wind blows past Buffy. The pleasant woman laments that she's all out of candy. Ethan gloats, "Showtime." If villains never use that word again on TV, it'll be too soon. On the porch, a couple kids dressed as monsters morph into the real thing. One of them grabs the pleasant lady by the throat. Imagine what he would have done to the toothbrush lady. Willow tells them to stop. The pleasant lady manages to get back inside and shut the door. Willow suddenly starts to keel over as chaos breaks out everywhere. The wind goes through Xander, causing him to drop his toy gun out of the frame. When he recovers, he hoists a real military-issue rifle up in its place. On the porch, Willow's sexily dressed self steps up out of her ghost self. It takes her about a second and a half to realize that she's a real ghost. This from the girl who couldn't tell the difference between Buffy and the 'bot. She hears gunfire. Xander is shooting at some demonic targets. Plenty of kids didn't turn into monsters, and they're screaming their heads off. Willow runs up to Xander, but it quickly becomes apparent that he doesn't recognize her. He starts to leave, but Willow runs in front of him, and he walks right through her. She looks momentarily pleased. Ew. He points the gun at her, like that's going to help. Willow urgently explains what's happened, namely that they've become what they were dressed as for Halloween. A short demon happens by. Not "who's a little fear demon" short, but short. Xander takes aim, but Willow warns him that there's still a little kid in there. She goes on that they need to find -- Buffy appears in the frame behind Xander -- "Buffy!" Willow asks if she's all right, but a couple more demon-kids move to accost them. Xander says they have a situation, and Willow asks Buffy what they should do. Buffy faints away. Ha!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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