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Rayne Of Terror

Xander lays down some warning fire, and the demon-kids retreat. Willow asks Buffy if she's okay, but Buffy doesn't know who she is either. Willow: "She's not Buffy." Xander: "Who's Buffy?" Willow: "Oh, this is fun." Hee! It totally is. Willow asks Buffy what year it is, and the answer is 1775. That answer, by the way, comes in a "British accent." SMG's try at a British accent is awful, but it's still much easier on the ears than David Boreanaz's "Irish accent," so I'm going to do her a favor and just not mention it again. Buffy stands and asks a bunch of tiresome questions about their situation. Thankfully, she's interrupted by another demon-kid. Xander clocks it with the butt of his rifle, and suggests they get inside. Buffy starts yammering about a demon, but it's just a car. They revisited this joke in "Spin The Bottle" recently, and it was about as funny. Xander salvages the situation by asking, "Is this woman insane?" Hee. Willow explains that Buffy's from the past. Xander asks where they should go. Willow thinks.

Soon, we're Chez Summers. The kids come in the back door, and Willow calls for Joyce, but, as expected, she's not there. The kids hear a ruckus at the front door. Willow tells Xander not to open it, as it could be a "mini-demon." Hee. I find the term "mini-demon" hilarious for some reason. Buffy looks around, finds a picture of herself, and notes that it could be her. Willow corrects her that it is her, and asks if she really can't remember anything. Buffy 18th-century-ditz-blurts some nonsense about wanting to go home. Willow rolls her eyes. "She couldn't have dressed up like Xena?" I loved Xena. Shout-out? Probably not. A mini-demon hand crashes through one of the small windows on the front door. Xander sticks his gun out the window and fires repeatedly. Willow freaks that he might have shot a kid. Xander: "Big noise scare monster, remember?" I like this soldier Xander. Can we keep him? We hear a signature Cordy scream. Xander runs outside. Buffy rushes up to Willow: "Surely he'll not desert us?" Willow: "Whatever." Couch Baron: "Word."

Outside, Cordy's being pursued by a creature that looks like Rowlf from The Muppet Show, only about three times bigger. She runs into Xander, whom she recognizes. He hurries her away. They make it inside, and Cordy asks what's going on. Willow: "Okay, your name is Cordelia, you're not a cat, you're in high school and we're your friends. Well, sort of." Heh. Cordy: "That's nice, Willow. And you went mental when?" Willow amazedly notes that Cordy knows them. Cordy: "Yeah. Lucky me." Hee. She goes on that she was just attacked by "Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy" (funny reference, although I doubt Cordy would really be familiar with it) and, displaying the rips in her costume, snits that "Party Town" will never refund her deposit now. Xander takes off his jacket and puts it over her shoulders, and she seems to warm up a little, figuratively speaking. Willow orders them to stay there while she goes to get help, and to fight anything off that tries to get in. Buffy blabbers more gibberish about women not being supposed to fight. Cordy snits, "What's that riff?" Willow explains that Xander and Buffy have amnesia, tells Cordy to sit tight, and walks off. Cordy: "Who died and made her the boss?" Willow walks through a wall. Buffy sees that, and her eyes go wide. Hee. In the street, mini-demons run amok. The camera settles on vamp-faced Spike, who's calmly taking it all in. He smiles to himself that the situation is "just neat." Back in the house, Xander instructs Cordy to check that the upstairs is secure, and sets up a barricade. Buffy asks if there's a "safe haven" they can go to, but Xander says that Willow told them to stay put. Buffy: more tired gender stereotyping. Xander: "Ma'am, in the Army we have a saying. Sit down and shut the..." I'm telling you, I really like this Xander. He interrupts himself when he sees a picture of himself, Buffy, and Willow lying on the floor. He notes that this proves Willow's statements, but Buffy doesn't want to believe it, and blathers yet more crap about a woman's place. If the point of all this is to make me appreciate confident, kick-ass Buffy, it's taken. Can we please move on? No, she continues that hopefully someone nice will marry her, "possibly a baron." Well, this Baron is here to serve you a nice glass of shut the hell up, lady. She and Xander snit a bit until Angel thankfully interrupts them, saying that it's "total chaos out there." Xander and Buffy in unison: "Who are you?" Broody McBrood, the mayor of Broodytown. And if you get that reference, you've been watching too much Will & Grace.

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