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Rayne Of Terror

Library. Giles is sorting some card-catalogue cards when he hears a siren. He looks around. Willow walks through the wall right in front of him, and he throws the cards up into the air. Hee. Teach you to fight technology, Book Guy. Willow says hi, but he's not recovered enough to speak actual words yet. Back at the house, Angel's wondering what's going on. Cordy reappears with, 'They don't know who they are. Everyone's turned into a monster; it's a whole big thing. How are you?" Heh. The lights go out, and Buffy reflexively grabs Cordy, who snits, "Do you mind?" Xander sends Angel and Buffy to make sure the back is secure, and takes Cordy to check the front. Buffy complains that she wants to go with the man with the "musket." What did the Baron just tell you? The back door's ajar, and Angel tells Buffy that he didn't leave it open. Well, did you lock it, genius? Not that anyone else did in this episode either, but they at least can claim forgetfulness. Geddit? Don't make me tell you to shut up too. Behind Buffy, a vamp opens the basement door. She actually tries to close the door in his face, but isn't strong enough. Angel grabs him and manages to wrestle him to the floor. So what's the deal here? This vamp looks too big to be a mini-demon, so how'd he get in without an invitation? And if he is a mini-demon, is that a good enough technicality to supersede the invitation-only rule? Because that seems pretty lame to me. Angel urgently asks Buffy for a stake. She looks around, but has to settle for a large knife. Angel tells her to hurry, and turns to look at her, now in game face. Buffy screams and runs out of the house. Ostensibly, Angel doesn't run after her so he can stake the vamp, but again, that makes me think it wasn't a mini-demon, so what gives?

In the library, Willow tries to research, but realizes she can't turn any pages. She and Giles lay out the backstory again. He asks what her costume is, and she tells him she's a ghost. Uneasily, he asks, "The ghost of what, exactly?" Heh. Willow gets defensive, and describes Cordy's costume for some perspective. This points them to a clue, namely that Cordy didn't become the embodiment of her costume. Willow says that Cordy got her costume at Party Town, but the rest of them got theirs at a new place, "Ethan's." It's a good thing Willow's dead already, because the intensity of Giles's eyes could kill.

In an alley, Buffy runs. Angel, Xander, and Cordy look for her. Cordy thinks Buffy will be okay, but Angel points out that she's helpless while under the spell. Only he says it loudly enough that Spike, who's behind a nearby tree, overhears him, like, nice one, Amp Vamp. Try modulating your voice -- to "off." Spike has assembled a posse of mini-demons, which is hilarious in and of itself. He tells them that "the tenderest meat you've ever tasted" is out there, and all they have to do is find her first. Buffy stops in the alley and looks ready to cry.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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