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Him? Huh.

At the Summers home, the jacket burns in the fireplace. Everybody stands around and enjoys the sight. Buffy teasingly asks Xander if he slipped on the jacket for a second, and he says, "I refuse to answer that on the grounds that it didn't fit." Anya worries that they have no idea where the jacket came from in the first place, but Xander says that's part of living on the Hellmouth. Buffy and Willow can't believe what they both almost did, and Anya jumps in quickly, saying that none of them are "morally, or, you know, legally" responsible for what they did under the spell. Buffy sits next to a sad Dawn, who is embarrassed about the way she acted. She feels stupid about the spell, but Buffy imparts big-sister wisdom, saying, "Get ready to feel even stupider when it's not [a spell]." Willow inquires what Anya ran off to do to win RJ's love, and Anya attempts to act innocent. She then claims to have written an epic poem, comparing RJ to "a daisy, a tower, and a lake." Over the radio, a breaking news story comes on about a "masked thief" who held up a number of local businesses. Anya quickly switches off the radio and chirps, "Okay, great! Ice cream, my treat?" She grins widely.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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