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Him? Huh.

Upstairs, Willow sits on the floor, lights a candle, and prepares to cast a spell. Boom-chicka, boom-chicka '70s music plays as Willow is reduced to filling the top left quarter of the screen. We're obviously going for a 1970s split-screen intrigue thing here. Full screen, and Charlie's Angels music plays as Buffy crazy-drives her SUV into a parking lot. As she stops the car, her picture slides up to fill the top right quarter of the screen. The caper music continues to play as we see Anya, in front of a bank and all clad in black. Her picture slides down to bottom left as she pulls a ski mask over her face. When I pause the tape at this point, we have simultaneously: Willow working on her spell, Buffy hefting a huge bazooka, and Anya preparing to enter the bank. Then the music gets a little more serious as we see Dawn lie down on some train tracks. A train horns wails in the background. The split-screen thing plus caper music is cute, but random.

Back to full screen. Willow is still casting in the bathroom. As she recites her humble request to Hecate, glowing crystals swirl in the air around her. She's about to ask for a "simple change" when Xander claps his hand over her mouth. All the crystals hit the floor. Spike hovers in the background. Willow protests that now she has to starts over, snarling, "Hecate hates that!" Grabbing Willow's crystals (not like that, folks), Xander demands to know what the hell she's doing, and Willow replies that she's trying to prove she loves RJ "the most." Xander gently points out that RJ's a guy; Willow sweetly replies that he doesn't have to be. She snatches at the crystals, but Xander holds them out of her reach. Willow spills the beans that Anya, Buffy, and Dawn are also out attempting crazy stunts, and that Buffy plans to kill Principal Wood. Xander says they'll take care of that first.

Wood sits at his desk, marking papers and listening to a CD. He's totally oblivious to Buffy, whom we can see outside the window over his shoulder. She creeps up and then hefts the bazooka to her shoulder, taking aim. With a muted roar, Spike attacks Buffy from the left, pushing her totally out of frame right. Wood is unaware. With another roar, we see Spike stumble in from the right, Buffy hanging off his shoulders. Wood flips some pages in his calendar. Spike races back by the window, carrying the bazooka, and Buffy races after him. Wood finally hears a noise and looks curiously out the window, but doesn't see anything. He shakes his head and goes back to his business. This scene was brilliant and hilarious physical comedy, but a good scene does not a good episode make.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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