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Willow and Tara are seated in a random lounge, dishing dirt about the Wicca group. Tara's shy stuttering mannerisms are both very cute and slightly creepy. Willow asks how long Tara has been a practicing Wiccan, and we learn that Tara's been studying since she was a child because her mother "had a lot of power like [Willow]." Willow sits down for a nice snack of humble pie and reminds us of all her magic mishaps, ending with "I'm definitely nothing special." "No, you are," disagrees Tara in a somewhat odd voice that leaves me wondering about future plot developments. I have to congratulate Tara on being the only normally-dressed female in this episode, but Tara's tertiary character praise of Willow here gives me the willies.

Back at the Lusty Librarian Lair, Olivia is lying on the couch with her head in Giles's lap. He is very sweetly stroking her hair and asking if she thought this was her best visit yet. She replies that she always thought he was being "pretentious" when he spoke of supernatural happenings. "Oh, I was," says Giles sipping from his glass of wine. "I was also right." "So everything you told me was true?" inquires Olivia. Giles assures her that it was except that little lie he told about being an original member of Pink Floyd. Olivia: "Scary." Giles: "Too scary?" Olivia: "I don't know." What's that sound? Oh, it's the sound of both my heart and Giles's breaking.

Buffy is folding clothes in her room when Riley enters. The tension in the room is palpable. Riley walks over to Willow's bed and sits down. He suggests that they talk and Buffy takes a seat on her bed and agrees that they need to talk, but they just sit there awkwardly and look at each other, stringing me along until the next episode. I scream, "Say something! Don't do this to me!" at the TV and realize that finally, I'm fully emotionally involved in the fourth season of Buffy. I will feel so cheated if we don't get to see this conversation.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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