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The next scene takes place at Xander's apartment, the Loser Lounge (tm Freyja), where Xander, in a tank top and boxers, is tying Spike to a chair. Spike complains about the bondage and tells Xander he wouldn't bite him. When Xander, who is climbing into bed, insists that he is indeed bitable, Spike sarcastically says, "All right, yeah. Fine. You're a nummy treat." Xander snuggles down under the cover on his fold-out sofa bed and prepares to sleep, but Spike harasses him by saying, "Xander, don't you care about me?" in a girlie voice and then calling his name.

Back at the Lusty Librarian Lair (tm Freyja) Giles is puzzling over the rhyme from Buffy's dream when he is interrupted by a knock at the door. He answers it (doesn't anyone use their peepholes?) ["I certainly would if I lived on a Hellmouth. -- Sep] and it's Olivia, whom we last saw half-naked in Giles's apartment in the first episode of this season. Olivia apologizes for being late and they chat a bit about the flight until Olivia says, "Yeah. That's enough small talk, don't you think?" They smooch and Giles removes his glasses, dropping them on top of his notes on the table.

Cut to the clock tower, where veiny gray hands place the box we saw from Buffy's dream on the table and open it. We see various scenes of townspeople sleeping with smoke-like wisps exiting their mouths, including Giles and Olivia (who are sleeping together) and Buffy and Willow (who aren't, so don't get excited). Barely audible voices whisper as the smoky tendrils return to the clock tower and come to rest in the box, which is then closed by the same veiny hands. The camera pulls back to reveal the frighteningly ugly demon thing from Buffy's dream. With its huge smile and pointy nose it looks like a cross between Mr. Burns of Simpsons fame and the demon that Buffy fought in the hospital in the first-season episode "Nightmares."

The next morning at the home of The Slayer, the Witch and their Wardrobe (tm Clue), Buffy gets up and goes to brush her teeth. Back in the room, Willow in her pink and brown bizarre pajamas (Sep suggested that these pajamas are cow patterned, but I think they actually have pictures of giant hairballs or hedgehogs on them) arises and Buffy says, "Good morning." Or at least she mouths, "Good morning," but no sound comes out. She puts her hand to her throat and tries again. Still no sound. Creepy music tinkles in the background and the girls look alarmed. Buffy mouths, "Can you hear me?" but Willow can't. Willow worries that she's gone deaf. But Buffy disagrees, mouthing, "I don't think we can speak." The creepy music kicks into a higher gear as the girls open their door to reveal people in the dorm halls gesturing wildly but just as mute as our heroines.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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