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On the streets of Sunnydale, the bank is closed but the liquor store is open and it's doing quite a lot of business. Obviously losing your voice makes you crazy as well as thirsty for booze, because we see a businessman sitting on the sidewalk hugging his knees and briefcase to his chest. Buffy, draped in another pashmina shawl, and Willow, looking like she pulled a sweater on over a pink satin nightgown, walk down the middle of the street, holding hands. Ummm, did everyone in town lost their driver's licenses instead of their voices? Personally, I wouldn't be that disturbed if nobody could speak to me for a couple of days. Besides, I'm such a big geek I'd immediately get on the Internet and talk to my e-mail friends. Buffy and Willow see an entrepreneur selling white dry-erase boards for ten dollars, and sadly enough I consider this fairly probable. Willow and Buffy look disgusted. ["I bet the deaf residents of Sunnydale are having a good laugh right about now." -- Sep]

The door opens at Fort Giles to reveal Buffy and Willow wearing dry-erase message boards around their necks. Xander and Anya are already there. Xander jumps up excitedly off the couch and Giles gets up from his desk and touches Buffy on the shoulder. Buffy glances down at Giles's desk and mouths, "Nothing?" He shakes his head as Willow excitedly grabs her message board as if an idea has suddenly occurred to her. When she shows it to Giles it reads, "Hi Giles!" (aaaaw) and he gives her a hug. Buffy picks up Giles's notes and the camera focuses on the lines, "Can't even shout / Can't even cry." She shows it to Giles, but Xander starts snapping his fingers like a madman and rushes over to the TV to turn up the sound. The newscaster tells of a laryngitis epidemic in Sunnydale. Apparently, the local authorities blame flu vaccines and the town is quarantined. We see reaction shots of the gang and a disturbed-looking Olivia, who takes another swig of her drink. Buffy shows Giles a message on her board that reads in part, "I should be in town tonight."

Cut to the Initiative, and trust Professor Walsh to have remembered the Speech control panel that came bundled with the system software on her computer. She dispatches her troops as civilians to try to keep the peace. Riley wants to know what is happening and the Fred voice tells him that they will "keep working on it."

Apparently, when you lose your voice, you also lose all hand-eye coordination, because we see that a car in downtown Sunnydale has run into a fire hydrant that is spewing water high into the air. Buffy walks down the street and catches sight of two guys fighting. Riley steps in to break it up and Buffy makes her way over. Buffy and Riley rush into each other's arms, and after making sure the other is okay they hear a noise and make motions like they have to go. They start to walk away but Riley pulls Buffy back towards him; they kiss and then go their separate ways.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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